Top 10 Best How to Train Your Dragon Toys 2024 – Awesome Picks

The How to Train your Dragon the Hidden World movies from Dreamworks are currently enjoying phenomenal success. The computerized, animated fantasy trilogy is set in era from long ago and follows the exciting adventures of the dragons and their Viking friends.

Together they fly to the rescue of other dragons who have been captured by evil hunters and they also search for a mythical hidden world where they can happily live in safety. Their thrilling escapades have inspired an imaginative range of dragon products and toys based on the main characters in the movies. HTTYD the Hidden World toys and dragon figurines are available in many different formats.

There are soft plush toys, craft kits and movable action figures to keep your kids entertained for hours. Products from How to Train your Dragon Hidden World have impressive quality and choice.

Considerations When Choosing Dreamworks Dragon Toys

Children of all ages adore the HTTYD movie trilogy and will inevitably have their favorite How to Train your Dragon characters. Even the youngest children are experts at identifying the dragons and their Viking riders so choosing toys that have an authentic appearance is crucial.

The toys are incredibly popular prompting children to play with them all day long so they need to be durable. Look out for high-quality materials and hinged sections such as folding wings that are reliable and won’t fall off easily. The stories and characters have become an instant hit with very young children which puts safety high on your list of considerations.

Choose how to tame your dragon playthings that are constructed to a high standard. Check that fixed accessories such as armor and helmets won’t split and are strong enough to remain in place.

Best Toys in 2024

1. Two-Pack Toothless & Night Fury Plush 

This convenient double pack of dragons features the famous Toothless the dragon and his best friend Light Fury. The styling of both little dragons is cute and cheerful. Details include wings, tails and ruffs on their heads. They are made from beautifully soft plush fabric.

Toothless is black and Light Fury is white with sparkly pinkish-blue inserts in her wings. Each dragon stands up on its own and measures 7 inches tall and 10 inches in length. These lightweight How to Train your Dragon plush toys are the perfect size for all dragon enthusiasts including those as young as three months old.

They can be kept hygienically clean by regularly hand-washing them in a water temperature of 30 degrees.

This is an image of a Black and white dragon toy

2. Toothless & Hiccup Figures

Your kids will be thrilled with these action figures of the likeable dragon Toothless and his rider Hiccup. They’ve been designed as accurate representations of their animated counterparts. Sculptured details include textured wings, distinctive tail fins, decorative armor and helmet.

Toothless has movable legs and his wings can be turned up and down. Hiccup’s arms and legs are movable and his head turns from side to side. Your children can position the figures to add realism to their games. For extra fun they can fire the blue weapon by placing it into Toothless’ mouth and pulling his back left leg. Hiccup’s accessory is a golden sword. His helmet cannot be removed.

Toothless and Hiccup are just one set in a collectible series of dragons and riders that kids from the age of four years will love.This is an image of a Black dragon toy

3. Dreamworks Dragons Action Figures – 7 Pack 

This exciting pack of seven colorful dragons is sure to become a favorite toy with children aged four years or older. At just three or four inches in height, each dragon is small enough for little hands to hold. Younger children will love playing with so many compact dragons to invent games and stories.

The heads of the dragons can be positioned to each side to add extra interest. They are made of strong plastic that should provide hours of reliable fun. The detailing of each dragon is excellent and includes textured wings, scaly skin and claws.

The collection features black dragon Toothless and other dragons with exciting appearances embellished in various blended colors of bright pink, red tinged with green, blue and yellow.

This is an image of a Dragon toy

4. Stormfly & Astrid Figures

This double pack is another toy in a series of highly collectible dragons and their Viking riders. They vividly bring to life the characters of the dragon movies for children of at least four years of age. Stormfly the dragon is approximately five inches in height and eight inches in length.

Authentic styling in pale blue with highlights of burgundy and green capture Stormfly’s on-screen appearance. It also has a nose horn and spikes around the head. Astrid is in matching pale blue and carries a removable double-headed axe.

Both figures have jointed arms, legs and heads and the dragon’s wings also move for your child to create action poses. There’s additional excitement when the long weapon is positioned in Stormfly’s mouth and fires out when the dragon’s back leg is pulled.

This is an image of a green dragon toy

5. Toothless Figure with Moving Parts 

Toothless is everyone’s favorite dragon. This version is accurately styled to match his appearance in the third animated movie and no longer possesses the red tail fin of the previous installments. Toothless can stand up unaided and has jointed legs and head. His wings also move vertically.

Your kids can position him in a variety of poses ready for acting out their next big adventure or having a dragon race. The dragon is constructed from a superior quality plastic with rubberized sections to provide reliability during your child’s play. At just over 7 ounces in weight Toothless is easy to handle for children as young as four years old.

Toothless measures approximately 7.5 inches in height and his length is a little over 8 inches. Toothless’ outstretched wing-span is 8.5 inches.

This is an image of a Black dragon toy

6. Deluxe Toothless Plush 14″

This superior plush toy shows how handsome Toothless can be. Soft and easy to grip, he is ideal for children of any age but his superbly detailed styling means even adults will appreciate having him around.

The dragon is fixed in an attractive pose with his head slightly turned to one side and his long tail curved up towards his partly outstretched wings. The plush fabric is highly detailed with a textured surface resembling the dragon’s scaly skin. The ribs of his wings and his green eyes are embroidered.

Toothless’ claws, head details and tail fins are made of black felt. The size of the toy is approximately 12 inches tall and 14 inches in length. As stylishly cute as he appears in the movies, Toothless can be kept dust-free by simply spot cleaning with a damp cloth.

This is an image of a black toothless dragon plush toy

7. Dragon Twins Playmobil 

This complete set by Playmobil featuring Tuffnut and Ruffnut is guaranteed to please the most ardent dragon movie fan. It has an amazing double-headed dragon and lots of accessories to prompt imaginative play for children from the age of four years.

The dragon is free-standing and has two heads each adorned with spikes which reach to their noses. There are two twisting spiky tails and the dragon’s wings can be moved into different positions. The Viking longboat, complete with oars, provides extra fun as it transports its cargo of sheep and fish.

The dragon’s two Viking friends each have removable helmets and weapon accessories such as a double-headed axe. The dragon is 17 inches in length and stands 12 inches tall. The set is made of colorful, durable plastic that will withstand long hours of daily fun.

This is an image of a green dragon toy

8. Monstrous Nightmare Dragon

The scary but cute features of this dragon will only give your kids lots of sweet dreams and fun as they play. The dragon stands upright with its wings outstretched and reaches 14 inches in height. Your kids will enjoy repositioning the dragon’s movable legs, head and wings to make it look even scarier.

There is superb detailing such as a textured surface and long curved talons in addition to the twisting horns on its head and rows of white teeth. The dragon is sure to be an instant hit with children of at least five years old. With its vibrant green and yellow colors the dragon will add an exciting dimension to the stories and games your kids will invent.

This is an image of a green dragon toy

9. Paint Your Own 3D Toothless Model 

Older children aged eight years or more can enjoy some creative fun by constructing their own Toothless dragon out of wood. The finished three-dimensional model is an authentic version of the heroic dragon and is 7 inches in length. The innovative design uses advanced interlocking joints that simply snap together without the use of tools or glue.

There are 41 pieces in total that your children have to press out of a large flat section. The wood is from ecological, managed forests. Your kids can enjoy the challenge of learning how to read a plan as they assemble Toothless. The skill level is intermediate.

Paint is not included but any type such as acrylics will be fine. The high-quality set includes an enthralling book of 32 pages that’s packed with interesting details about the fascinating world of dragons.

This is an image of a dragon book and wooden build -kit

10. Funko Pop Toothless

The most famous dragon of the animated movies is Toothless. He features in all types of toys including this really cute version from Funko. This Toothless is an award-winning toy that is manufactured from high-quality vinyl. The stylish, lightweight dragon measures just 3.75 inches in height.

The only movement is in the head which can turn sideways in both directions. The stylized design includes essential details such small wings, head frill and a short tail complete with the distinctive red fin that Toothless wears in the first two animated movies.

Additional features include embossed patterns and bright green eyes. Funko’s Toothless is a compact, lightweight toy for smaller children to enjoy playing with. Older children might prefer to use it as a mascot or ornament.

This is an image of a black toothless dragon toy

Overall Best Pick

Number 7, Dragon Twins by Playmobil is perfect for inspiring truly creative play. It is a complete set with a double-headed dragon, two Viking riders, a traditional Nordic rowing boat, sheep, box of fish and other accessories which can all be woven into the imaginative stories your kids are sure to invent.

Bright colors and an authentic design ensure the set has visual appeal. All the pieces are manufactured to a high standard from robust materials for reliable extended play. The characters in the set are compatible with similar toys in the Playmobil range.

This is an image of a green dragon toy

What are the Different Types How to Train Your Dragon Toys?

The incredible range includes dragons of soft plush, wood and plastic. Many are part of a series of different dragons and their Viking riders which your kids can enjoy collecting. The toys are available in various sizes including miniature versions.

To get your kids off to a good start there are How to Train your Dragon 3 toys that come as larger sets designed to inspire elaborate games and re-enactments of scenes from the movies. The dragon-themed toys reviewed here are refreshingly manual dispensing with the inconvenience of batteries.

What Age Are These Toys Suitable For?

Promotional toys are available to suit every age. Soft plush dragons resembling the main characters are safe for babies and children up to the age of three years. Some plush dragons are so elaborate they make cute display models for much older children.

Clip together model kits are ideal for children of at least eight years of age. However, the majority of toys based on the dragon movies are designed for children aged four years and older as you can then trust them with small accessories as they enjoy playing.

What Can My Child Learn From These Toys?

Toys based on the DreamWorks dragon trilogy are perfect for developing your children’s imaginations. Taking inspiration from their favorite movie scenes they’ll quickly progress to inventing their own stories. While they’re having fun they’ll subconsciously learn how to construct complex tales with themes, plots and objectivity.

Your kids will gradually learn important life skills such as appreciating how different characters can work together. Interactive, creative play with toys from the dragon movies will enable your kids to develop an understanding of the world around them as they enjoy themselves.

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