Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes for Kids in 2024

My little boy loves his dirt bikes and is always asking us to take him somewhere new to ride his bike. He always wants to explore new terrain and test his latest dirt bike on some new unexplored territory. This inspired me to create some of the best areas to ride around the United States of America.

Finding the best locations is part of the fun and there are already many guides to finding the ultimate places to ride. There are some factors for what makes a great place to ride on and below I will highlight what I think makes an ideal place for kids to learn and enjoying riding their dirt bikes outdoors.

The USA is a big place and with loads of undiscovered spots as well as some well-known ones and it is my aim to share what I think your children will love. The most famous landscapes for riding are the Midwest regions which offer the ultimate terrain with some amazing tracks for riding. There are places to enjoy all over the US, however, ranging from California, Texas, Alabama and loads more. I will highlight a few below by state to make it easy to find the best track for you and your kid.


Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in Texas 

Texas is known for its tracks for riding on and is bigger in every way. The geographical area is dry and humid and hot territory for riding. When venturing out to Texas with the kids make sure to bring plenty to drink and a change of clothes cause things are gonna get dirty on the track.

  1. The Cycle Ranch 

This motocross park is well known for hosting different dirt bikes events and is great for getting kids out for the day having fun. The park itself is 200 acres and is living up to the name that “Everything in Texas is Bigger”. The Texas biking scene has a big following and every weekend there are people riding and making use of the track.

2. Dirt Riding in Buffalo Creek 

The Buffalo Creek Motocross tracks have loads of land to make use of with 200+ acres of stunning terrain for riding on and is an ideal spot for your kid to have an amazing day out. There is also a night track for late night bike riding and a variety of sand and dirt tracks.

Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in California 

California is a unique landscape and offers stunning tracks for riding on with a huge crowd of kids on their bikes. The sand dunes, dirt tracks, and sunny skies offer some of the best places to ride in anywhere in America.

1. California Desert Sand Dunes

The sun will be out and there is guaranteed to be some hot weather for riding out on, but if the kid is serious and wants a place to ride his bike on the sandy dunes then California is the place to be.

2. Competitive Edge, Hesperia

This park is perfect for even the youngest dirt bike rider. They have several tracks each catering to different skill levels. One track is specifically for kids under 8 years old, so your child will definitely be safe riding on this track.


Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in the Midwest

The Midwest is perhaps one of the best areas for dirt bike riding in the US. There are plenty of famous dirt bike riders from the Midwest for this very reason.

1. Kick-N-K Motocross

This track in South Dakota is perfect for kids to practice their dirt bike skills. It was originally built by a dad for his own kids to ride on. It has since grown into a full-size track, but it still caters for all skill levels.

2. Possum Hollow Motocross Park

This park is great for kids of all ability levels. If your child is serious about riding, the track hosts race in the 50cc class, so it is a great place for beginners to have their first race.


Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in the Southwest 

The Southwest offers perfect terrain for trail riding. The climate is ideal most of the year, meaning you can enjoy riding any time here. The scenery in this part of the country is amazing – the whole family will love to adventure out on the trails of the Southwest.

1. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is the perfect place for dirt bike riders of all ages to practice. The desert landscape offers a range of trails suitable for different skill levels. The scenery is fantastic too – the whole family will enjoy a day out in the desert. Make sure to take plenty to drink and find somewhere to cool off afterward.

2. Tulie MX

This park in New Mexico is perfect for the very youngest motocross riders to experience a proper track. They cater for all ages from 4 years old right up to 50-plus. For older kids, there is a race series for all different classes, so there’s sure to be something to suit your child’s ability.


Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in the Pacific Northwest

This part of the country offers a great mix of tracks and trail riding, perfect for all ages and abilities. The climate here is perfect for enjoying your dirt bike all year round too.

1. Big Horn Mountain

This stunning area is perfect for the whole family to enjoy a day out in the mountains. There are loads of trails to choose from, perfect for any skill level. The scenery makes it the perfect spot to sit and enjoy lunch after riding too.

2. Oregon Dunes

If your kid is desperate to ride on sand, head to the Oregon Dunes. It is totally different from riding on a dirt bike track, so make sure your child knows how to handle their bike on the different terrain. For beginners, there’s also the option to ride on the flat, open beach. The climate is pleasant for riding all year round – it doesn’t get too hot in the summer.