Best Walkie Talkie Watch for Kids in 2024

Walkie talkies are a great way for kids to communicate with one another or to stay in touch with parents when they are within a short range. Many parents prefer a walkie talkie than a cellphone because these devices can’t access the internet so are safer for kids to communicate with. They are also very easy to use, with the majority featuring a button to press when talking, and the other person will hear what is being said.

Wrist walkie talkies are even easier for children, because they are kept within easy reach at all times. Each of the options we have picked out below has been designed specifically for children, so they are simple to use and just the right size for kids too. You’ll find 10 great picks below, so there is sure to be something here your child will love to wear when exploring the great outdoors or even if they are playing a spy game at home! If there is nothing here to catch your eye, why not head to where will find comprehensive guides to every type of walkie talkie out there.

Considerations When Choosing Wrist Walkie Talkies

There are a few things parents should think about when choosing one of these walkie talkie radio watch sets for their children. Here are some key features that are worth looking out for.

Privacy Codes

When communicating over a walkie talkie, anyone on the same channel can listen in to your conversation. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for one with privacy codes. Only those who enter the correct code can overhear the conversation, which greatly reduces the chance of strangers listening in.

Battery Power

We all know that kids have a tendency to let their devices run down to 1% battery before they will charge them. So, it’s a good idea to choose a walkie talkie with a long battery life to ensure it won’t run out on a full day out. It might also be worth packing spare batteries in your bag so they can easily be replaced if necessary.

LED Flashlight

Whilst not essential, a flashlight can be a useful extra feature to have. If you will be out at night or in other low-light situations, having a flashlight built in to your walkie talkie will save the need to carry one separately. It can also help in unexpected emergency situations, so it’s always worth having if you can.


Think about where the walkie talkie will be used and ensure the range is sufficient. Some are intended for use around the home and at the park, so only cover a short distance. Others can cover a much wider range of up to around 3 miles. So, if the intended use is out hiking or on a day out at a theme park with the family, it’s best to choose one with a long range.

LCD Display

An LCD display will allow users to check the settings, signal strength, and battery life. Of course, on a walkie talkie watch, you will also find the current time on the display. This is ideal if you wish to meet up with your kids again at a certain time.

Sound Quality

Our final consideration is important – the quality of the sound produced by the walkie talkies. It’s important the sound is clear, otherwise there could be a misunderstanding when communicating over the radios! This could lead to a lot of frustration, so it’s best to choose something with excellent audio quality.

Top 8 walkie talkie watches for kids

We will now showcase 8 of the best two way radio watches for children. There’s sure to be something here to suit.

1. Camo Walkie Talkies Watches Toys

Kicking off our guide to the best walkie talkie watches for kids we have these cool camouflage watches. There are two included in the set and they have seven great functions. As well as acting as a watch and a walkie talkie, these devices can be used as a magnifier, reflector, compass, nightlight, and even for storing small treasures. The LCD display shows the time and the strap is adjustable to fit a range of sizes.

There is a push to talk (PTT) button, so kids can easily start a conversation with the other wearer. These are great for playing army games around the neighborhood or at the park, as the range is 150 meters. Despite the fact that these are intended for use as a toy rather than a serious communication device, the sound quality is very good. Children will have hours of imaginative and active fun with this watch walkie talkie set.

2. Qniglo Owl Watch Walkie Talkies

Our next walkie talkie watch is this cute owl set from Qniglo. There are two included – one of each color or two of the same color. They are each fitted with lithium ion batteries so they can be recharged and used again and again. The batteries last 5 days on standby and 24 hours when talking, so it is unlikely to run out on a day trip or even if you are away for a weekend.

The range is around 2 miles in an unobstructed area, less in built-up areas. As well as being worn as an adjustable watch, these radios also come with a longer lanyard so they can be worn around the neck. Pressing the PTT buttons will cause the character’s eyes to illuminate, so you can be sure the message is being transmitted. There’s an orange backlit LCD display, so it can easily be seen at night.

3. Vectorcom Portable Radio Watch Walkie Talkies

Our next walkie talkie watch is a pack of two, and there are two color options to choose from – black or camo. The watches are lightweight so they are comfortable to wear and there are two sets of headphones included for hands-free operation. The time is displayed on a backlit display and there are lithium ion rechargeable batteries included.

The signal is clear so there shouldn’t be a problem, so long as you remain within range. The built-in speaker provides great sound quality whether you are indoors or outdoors, and there is a volume control to adjust the volume level accordingly. These walkie talkie watches are equipped with a PTT button and also have ring tones if you want to directly call the other wearer.

4. Owillz Camo Watch Walkie Talkies Toys

These watches are great for kids to play pretend with. They operate over a distance of up to 100m in a clear area and are lightweight for young children. The watches show the time and also have magnifying glasses attached – ideal for kids to explore any treasures they might find! When the watches are used for communication, there will be some interference noise to make it more realistic for kids – they will feel like a real soldier out on the battlefield! If this is a problem, the antenna can be adjusted to minimize the effects.

5. GBD Smartwatch

Our next pick is slightly different but is still packed with the great features you would expect from a walkie talkie watch. This child’s smartwatch comes in a choice of three great colours and has a fitness tracker, 20 different clock faces, a camera, and some games. Of course, it also works as a two way radio for parents and children to keep in touch.

The strap is adjustable to fit kids between the ages of around 3 – 14 years old. The watch can even be used to send photos and voice messages to others with the same watch. There is a time limit on the games so kids won’t be playing all day – parents can control this.

6. Beacon Kids Waterproof Smartwatch

If you’re looking for two way radios to keep your child safe when they are out and about, this smartwatch from Beacon is a great pick. It has WiFi and a GPS locator so you can always keep an eye on where your kids are. There’s also an SOS emergency call function – simply press this button to instantly call a pre-set number (usually mom or dad). It’s also possible to add other numbers to the phone book so kids can accept calls only from these numbers, not from strangers.

Parents don’t need the same watch to use the walkie talkie to speak with their kids – the watch can be used to send messages and have conversations via the parents’ app on their smartphone.

7. Xian Xin Long Range Walkie Talkie Watches

Our penultimate walkie talkie watch is another cool camo design watch set. These have a very good range of between 2 – 3.7 miles, depending on how built-up the surroundings are. The display shows the current time and the band can be adjusted to fit most sizes.

There are loads of other functions on this gadget too – a magnifier, a flashlight, and easy to use buttons to control the device. The antenna can be extended to make communication better between the pair of watches. The sound is crisp and clear, thanks to the auto squelch function which helps reduce background noise.

8. Ralehong Smartwatch with Games

Closing our guide to the best walkie talkie watches we have another cool kids smartwatch. Of course, it has a two way radio function, but also has a camera, games, a music player, and an alarm clock. There is a free Micro SD card included for kids to store the photos and voice messages they take with the watch.

A SIM card should be provided to enable kids to make and receive calls, and there is an SOS call function in case of emergencies. Pressing this will alternatively call mom and dad until the call is answered, so it’s great for keeping kids safe when they are starting to become more independent. This is a great alternative for kids who are asking for their first phone and it even comes in a choice of four different colors.

Best Buy Overall

We have looked at 8 of the best walkie talkie watches, but which of these walkie talkies is the best of all? The one which stands out as the best, thanks to its two way, long range communication, is the set of Qniglo walkie talkies. These walkie talkies can be used up to 2 miles apart, have a very long battery life, and are simple for kids to use. The PTT button means they can easily contact the other radio, and we like how the eyes light up to show the radio is working. The lanyard is a nice feature, allowing the walkie talkie to be worn around the neck or hung from a bag if preferred. These are ideal for going hiking with the family and are great for boys and girls as well as adults.


If you are still unsure as to which of these radio watches to buy your child, read on to learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What age are walkie talkies for?

Just about all ages can enjoy using walkie talkie watches and handheld radios. As soon as your child is old enough to go off alone, they can be used for keeping in touch. For example, they’re ideal for busy places like theme parks or shopping malls.

However, younger children often also enjoy using them as part of their pretend play. They could be playing a game where they are a spy or a soldier with their friends, and a walkie talkie would be the perfect way for them to communicate important information with one another!

Generally speaking, kids aged 5 and up will probably enjoy using a walkie talkie set.

What are the best walkie talkies for kids?

If you are looking for handheld two way radios for kids, there are loads of great options out there. Look for kid-friendly designs – the device should be easy to use, drop-resistant, and have privacy settings so only children and their friends or parents can communicate with one another. It’s a good idea to stick to well-known brands, such as Motorola, or choose a model with excellent reviews from fellow parents.