Cool Remote Control Helicopter Video’s 2024

I remember when i was a kid, remote control toys were clunky, unreliable and they broke all too often.  That didn’t stop us constantly begging our parents for them, though, because there’s not much cooler than a sweet RC vehicle.  Thankfully, technology as improved a lot over the last few decades, and these days, kids RC helicopters and planes are not only affordable but really high quality in terms of design, build and controls.

This is an image of helicopter remote control in blue colr

They’re really has never been a better time to buy your kids RC toys than right now, as the technology has caught up with toy designers aspirations, so they work much better now than back in my day.  Also, they are much more affordable and better value for money.

In order to celebrate just how good remote control helicopters are these days, we are really happy to share with you our coolest remote control helicopter videos of 2018.


World Champion RC Helicopter Pilot Demonstrates His Awesome Skills

We literally can’t believe some of the gravity defying and crazy student this guy can pull off.  Just how in the world does he make it do that? Crazy stunts, upside down flips and the kind of things you’ve probably only ever seen in a video game, this cool vid shows RC helicopter champion Tareq Alsaadi showing you exactly why he’s a champion.  Don’t try this stuff at home, or in a real helicopter!

Father and Son Get Crazy with RC Helicopter


There’s nothing quite as cute as a father and son duo hanging out together, and in this vid we have an ‘older’ kid and a very one one getting to grips with a new RC helicopter. It really is adorable to watch these two playing together, and goes to show just how much great parent-child bonding time a good toy can bring.

However, the dad does seem to be having way to much fun at some points, and he probably should let his some get a little more air time with the copter.

World Biggest RC Helicopter

Now this is seriously amazing! this RC helicopter is huge!  So big I’m sure you could fit a dig, cat or small child inside it, although thankfully we’re sure there are many different legal and moral reasons why you can’t.  Something like this was just unimaginable when I was a kid, and I can’t help dreaming that perhaps my kids will send my grand kids to school in a remote copter just like this.  Also, bonus points for the cheesy techno music in the background of this one.

RC Helicopter cutting the Grass

This one is especially dedicated to all those parents who complain that all their kids doo all day is play around and never do any chores.  To these parents, we say that they just need to find a way to make the chores more interesting for their kids, better still, make the chores so cool that they won’t be able to wait for their turn to do them.  For example, if you’re having problems getting your little one to mow the lawn, forget about that boring old lawnmower coz this cool RC helicopter seems to do the job just fine!

 RC Helicopter VS Alligator

Now lets just get one thing clear before you watch this video.  We no NOT recommend that you try this at home.  Rather, we do not recommend that you near any type of dangerous animal with or without your kids, EVER!  The good thing about Youtube is that the crazy people in the world can do the crazy stuff so you don’t have to, and with that in mind, wait till you get a look at this one.

This wacky outdoor guy uses his RC helicopter to go ‘fishing’ for alligators.  We hope no alligators or helicopters were harmed during the making of this video.