Where Can I Find an Amazing Remote Control Helicopter? – 2024 Guide

So your kid has been begging you to buy them an amazing Remote Control Helicopter for their birthday, and since they’ve done all their chores for the last few months, did all their homework without complaining, and stayed out of trouble for the longest time you remember, you’ve finally decided to get one.

But where are you going to find that amazing helicopter?  Here are out top suggestions for where to go when you need an amazing RC copter.

Internet Shopping

img source: ekapija.com

As with buying any RC toys, we strongly recommend that you start by shopping online.  As parents, we’re all incredibly busy working and looking after our kids, so we want to cut down on any unnecessary trips.   Also, why bother going all the way to the mall or a specialized toy store when you can shop from the comfort of your own sofa with a coffee in one hand and your tablet in the other.

Another great advantage of shopping online is that you can easily compare prices from the different online stores, while if you go to the mall you might have to take a note of the prices in each store, and that can get time-consuming and a little annoying, especially if your kids are anything like mine and they’re always causing mischief while you’re trying to talk to the store assistant.

As you know, we really love using Amazon.com here, because it has a huge range of variety, items stocked by both Amazon and third-party sellers, and delivery times are usually very quick.  Amazon also has a lot of customer reviews, and it’s easy to sift through to only find the best stuff by selecting to view only toys with 4 or 5 stars.

This is especially good with things like RC helicopters, as other parents will leave reviews and comments to tell you exactly how it worked for them.  It can also alert you to any problems with a potential buy long before you purchase it.  Finally, there’s usually no problem returning something from here as long as you send it back within the correct time period.

Online RC Auction Sites or Second-Hand Sites

img source: rcheliguide.com

Another way to get a remote control helicopter is through an auction site like Ebay or a second-hand site like Gumtree.  It is true that you can often find some good bargains on these sites, but we always advise people to be careful.  There’s no guarantee that you are actually getting good quality here, and there are a lot of fakes and imitations on these sites.

Especially with an RC copter, you don’t want to drop a lot of cash on something that is not going to work very well, and you might not be able to return it if it’s not what you wanted. A picture of that cool RC copter your kid wants might seem great online, but it could be a pile of junk when it arrives.

We’ve also heard a lot of concerning stories about second hands sites.  If you end up buying fake or stolen goods or you get cheated, as sometimes happens, you’ll need to contact the police and go through the whole process in order to get your money back.  Also, some parents have reported getting fraudulent calls emails from scammers after posting on second-hand sites.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but you should be aware of this.

So, if you are really interested in finding a bargain and are prepared for all the problems that might come with it, there’s no reason why not to use one of these sites.  Just remember, at the end of the day, your child is the one who is going to be really disappointed if you get something fake or bad quality.