Fun Activities to Do With a Remote Control Car

There are so many different things you can do with a remote control car. Depending on the model you have, the activities you can do will differ, but here are some ideas of things you might like to try.

rc car rampSet up an obstacle course. There are loads of different options for how this can be done. There’s sure to be a selection of everyday objects around the home which can be arranged into a course for the RC car to race around. You could try resting a tray or a piece of wood on a can to make a ramp for example. Or you could set some objects out in a line to create a slalom race.

Race with friends. If your car can be operated on more than one frequency then two of the same model can be raced together. Set out some cones or markers to mark out the course and decide how many laps you will take. Get someone to hold a flag to mark the start and end of the race and off you go!

If you don’t have another car for a friend to race with, you could take turns to see who can make the fastest lap. Get a stopwatch ready and time each other to race around a marked course. Keep practicing and see how much faster you can get! Make the course more challenging as you learn how to control the car better, for example by adding more sharp turns.

Some different types of remote control cars for 8 to 10 years old boys, which are able to carry out stunts. You might have a car which has been specially designed for doing stunts and tricks. These cars often have special wheels which rotate in different directions, or the whole car may be able to flip 360 degrees.

If you don’t have a car designed specifically for stunts, you might still be able to perform some with a little bit of practice. You can try simple tricks like improving your backward driving, or jump over ramps to see how far you can land. You could set up along jump-style competition and see who can get their vehicle to jump the furthest. Get a tape measure and some markers out to keep track, perhaps having several rounds to see who can get furthest overall.

If you are bored of just driving your vehicle, get creative and start playing games with it. You could set up a bowling type of game, using your car as the ball. If you have some toy pins, set them up, or alternatively use old drinks bottles or cans. Mark out the sides of the ‘lane’ using rope or chalks then play just like you’re at the bowling alley!

remote control car soccer

You can also play soccer with an RC car – even better with lots of friends! If you are playing alone, you could practice dribbling the ball between cones or just practice scoring! If you have friends with vehicles on different frequencies, you can play on teams and follow the rules of a real soccer match.

Hopefully, these ideas will give your children some new ideas for how to play with their cars. If you have enough space and resources, a radio-controlled car can be an endless source of entertainment, especially when playing along with friends!