Kids Dirt Bike Comparison: Gas vs Electric

There is a growing debate, kids all over the world are wondering who will win the race to the top, will it be gas or the up and coming electric dirt-bike? Both have pro’s and con’s, but which will be the absolute best dirt bike it’s not as clear-cut as some would suggest, Tesla are the future of motor mechanics some say, especially in the racing and motocross arena of play, but others disagree.

The original gas bike has been a solid foundation for dirt-bikers and has lasted the test of time. The Gas theme of all-American muscle corresponds to big gas type vehicles, whether car or bike they are usually fuelled by gasoline. More recently, however, there has been an increase in electric counterparts, which are offering similar rider experience, but with some subtle differences, which some favor over the gas dirt bikes.  For electric bikes I always like to look to for tips and guides.

There are some major reasons the gas manufacturing giants might be concerned, especially if they don’t make the transition because people are wanting quiet, Eco-friendly and easy maintenance, therefore if they don’t deliver they could find themselves in a cloud of dirty smoke in the distance.

Kids gas bikes usually come in either 2 or 4 stroke engine size and offer slightly different user experiences. The 2 stroke bikes are usually lighter than 4 and offer less fuel consumption, however, they tend to have less stability and make more back-end smoke. The general rule of thumb is the bigger the engine size the more fuel inefficient they are and the 4 stroke is obviously much more costly in gas, The larger the bike the more stable and fast, because bigger engine usually means faster, especially in the dirt bike racing arena.

Electric dirt bikes are usually rechargeable, battery powered and can be charged by most electrical outputs connect to the mains. The lithium batteries are giving gas a run for there money is pricing and offer higher levels of efficiency than there earliest days of when electrical motorized vehicles were a step into the wilderness.

Some benefits of using electrical dirt bikes are fuel/cost efficient, easy maintenance and sound, it is the future it seems, many are embracing the technology surrounding their development and offers a steady increase of popularity, which makes electrical dirt bike future certain, it’ll only get better. The electric bikes too are much quieter than gas and can be a huge advantage for those who live close to a residential living, especially when kids are using them close to view.

Performance seems to give a gut-instinct that gas is better for speed and torque, but the Tesla are proving us all wrong and the fact there is no need for clutch change is emphasizing where electric can overtake in performance. The high-end electrical dirt-bikes are said to be even faster than gas and the traditional gas-powered isn’t getting the same investment as electrical engineering is, it’s a trend to be noticed.

Maintenance has always been an issue with gas and electrical bikes again feel intuitively easy to clean. Lubrication and tuning are some of the main issues with gas and in comparison electric simply needs to make some general maintenance repairs like tires, brake fluid, but not all the changes like gas needs.

Fuel cost when compared is outstanding the difference in price and clearly electric wins hands-down, but most probably you already knew this. Going from LA to San Francisco takes 6 h 5 min and will cost at least be quadruple the amount in fuel consumption, but roughly 400 kilometers will cost $3 for an electric counterpart.

The speed is and can be an issue and some worry about going electric the speed max will drop. This is true to an extent, some speed might be lost at current days technology standard, but most top speeds when you get your child going on 125cc and above will not be able to be reached unless they’re becoming pro’s and then it’s a different game altogether.

Power is a balancing act and it doesn’t help to compare based of gas or electric because simply up the size of bike and power acts accordingly, but the higher the horsepower the more powerful the engine.

I personally think dirt-bikes powered by electricity is the future and if you want to go down the gas or electric avenue then go electric, it’ll last the test of time and ensure your children stay in line with what is the future of dirt biking.