20 Best Lincoln Log Sets 2024 – Top Building Toys

Lincoln building toys are a series of construction sets that have been around in the U.S since 1916! Invented by John Lloyd Wright, they were created due to the founder’s love of architecture. You probably grew up playing with your own set and want your kids to have the same amount of fun, but you are wondering, do they still sell lincoln logs? Kids are encouraged to get creative and small forts and buildings using the log pieces included in the kits.

Falling into the category of STEM toys, there is a lot that a child can benefit from when engaging in the type of play that these toys promote. We’re going to take a look at the top Lincoln building toys in 2024 so that you can decide which is right your child!
this is an image of a Lincoln Logs Toy boxset

Considerations When Buying Lincoln Logs Toys

You’ve likely seen at least one of the iconic construction toys in-store or online. Are Lincoln Logs Made in USA? Yes! Designed to teach a child STEM skills as well as expand their imaginative skills, this series of toys hold great value in many ways. Kids can imagine up their own cowboy scenes whilst building sturdy forts (and more) from wooden pieces that interlock. Let’s take a look at what you should consider if you’re about to buy a Lincoln building set in 2024.

  • Skill level. There are many different types of wooden construction toys out there. Generally, the kits with more pieces are aligned with a higher skill level. Therefore it’s best to opt for a building set containing fewer pieces if you are buying first-time for your child. Your child’s experience would determine how complex the building set would be. Complex Lincoln toys would enable your child put together the best lincoln log creations.
  • Age suitability. What age is good for Lincoln Logs? These types of lincoln Logs are suitable for children at least aged 3. Be sure to check the age recommendations of each kit as they vary depending on skill level. Children under the age of 3 years should not be playing with knock off lincoln logs as they could be choking hazards. The best building logs for kids come with age stamps on the lincoln logs. Age group of the kids would determine how difficult the assembly would be.
  • Collectors. Are old Lincoln Logs worth anything? If you’re a collector, there are a wide range of fantastic kits available out there. Bear in mind that the prices for the collectible kits are generally higher but you should be looking for the early editions known as the ‘classics’, if you’re hoping to profit later down the line.

Best Picks in 2024

Now, lets look at some reviews of the top lincoln Log building toys available on the market today. Whether your child is already a collector or is looking for their first set, we have something to suit everyone here.

1. Centennial Edition Tin

This classic edition of Lincoln toys comes in a Centennial Edition tin and celebrates a whole century of Lincoln Logs. Great for collectors who are feeling nostalgic or children alike, there is a lot of fun contained in this set as well as learning to be had. With over 150 pieces, the building set includes 153 classic high-quality wooden logs made of stained maple wood for that real cowboy feel.

Choose from the 3 building ideas provided and get busy making a fort for the two cowboy and horse figures included. Quick and easy to clean up after educational playtime, this is a definite set to add to any child’s toy box. This Lincoln log edition is one of the best Lincoln logs for toddlers.

this is an image of a Centennial Edition Tin for kids ages 3 and up.

2. Wondertoys Wood Logs

A natural wood logs building set by Wondertoys that contains 170 beautiful pieces and is finished with non-toxic paint makes it suitable for children at least three years old. What will you kid build with this set? From farms containing cows to a homely cottage, there are endless possibilities with this classic construction toy. Stack the logs to see how high of a structure can be built or simply follow the instruction guide provided to piece together chimneys, fences, rooftops and more. The best part is everything is stored in a convenient box for fuss-free tidying!

this is an image of a 170-piece educational wood logs building set for kids ages 3 and up.

3. Joqutoys Wood House

Containing 90 pieces, this Joqutoys wood house set is perfect for children who dream of building their own house one day. Providing different building ideas, this set gets kids to work as they stack logs to make a sturdy structure. Suitable for kids at least aged 3, this type of toy is a must-have for its developmental benefits, teaching children a number of important skills.

this is an image of a 90-piece educational wood house logs building set for kids.

4. Lincoln Logs with 100th Anniversary tin

Celebrating 100 years of the iconic Lincoln Logs toys, this 100th anniversary tin contains 111 real wood pieces that can be pieced together to make a wide range of creations. The manual offers three building ideas including a tall tower, smaller houses with an accompanying bonfire and a large cabin too! Colorfully stained, kids can finish their creations with an eye-catching green roof or red chimney for an extra bit of imagination. Simply store the pieces in the collector’s tin at the end of play for next time! The 100 years has seen them put together an anniversary set suitable for kids aged 3 years+, a perfect introduction to STEM play.

this is an image of a 111-piece all wood building set for kids ages 3 and up.

5. Oak Creek Lodge

Have your child create their own impressive oak creek lodge from 137 wooden pieces or, simply add this to your existing Logs collection. Each log within this set is interchangeable, making for easy play that won’t cause any confusion. And, if that’s not straightforward enough, this set also contains 3 building ideas and an instruction manual for kids to get building their own cabins or stables for their cowboy stories. The Oak Creek Lodge is the perfect construction toy for advanced preschool learning and is suitable for children ages 3 years and up. Why not bring the family together with the best lincoln log set?

this is an image of a 137-piece Oak Creek Lodge educational building set for kids ages 3 and up.

6. Horseshoe Hill Station

Wow! Construction toys don’t get much cooler than this set. With 83 pieces, your kid can get creative with their own awesome Horseshoe Hill Station and narrate their own stories in the Wild West. Taking a classic concept and giving it a modern spin, all family members including grandparents can come together and reminisce with this childhood classic.

Each wooden piece has indentations making it easy to build and stack the pieces to complete the structure.This original set is a classic and will bring hours of endless play, fun, and memories for the entire family. Kids ages 3 years and above can get busy playing and learning with this Lincoln logs for kids.

this is an image of a 83-piece Horseshoe Hill Station educational building set for kids ages 3 and up.

7. Wolf’s Lodge

At a price that won’t break the bank and, containing 92 classic wooden pieces, kids can get busy creating their very own Wolf’s Lodge. Get building, learning and imagining scenes with this iconic toy set. For collectors and preschool kids alike, there is much fun to be had with the Wolf’s Lodge which also contains plastic cowboy figures to bring the structure to life!

this is an image of a 92-piece Wolf's Lodge educational building set for kids ages 3 and up.

8. Collector’s Edition Village

Providing hours of fun and learning for children ages 3 years +, this collector’s edition of Lincoln Logs is the ideal introduction to construction sets. While this toy is at a higher-end price, it doesn’t mean its solely for collectors only, in fact, there is a lot of nostalgia to be had for the entire family with this Lincoln Logs toy which has a mega 327 pieces! Slot them together to build high structures or even allow your child to get creative and create their own castle, there are infinite possibilities. With step-by-step instructions, children can follow the 3 ideas provided or imagine up their own village…

this is an image of a 327-piece Collector's Edition Village educational building set for kids for ages 3 and up.

9. Toys of Wood Farm Playset

For children who are both farm and animal lovers, this playset is an excellent choice. Great for kids ages 3 years and above, this wooden toy set contains 223 high-quality wooden pieces which can be interlocked to create stables for the variety of farm animals included. With livestock, trees, and a beautiful setting for a bustling farm, there is plenty of fun to be had with this toy.

this is an image of a farm house building set for kids for ages 3 and up.

10. Ideal Frontier Logs Classic

If you’re searching for a toy to stimulate both imagination and get kids learning STEM skills, look no further. This Frontier Logs Classic toy contains 114 classic pieces and allows children to build forts, cabins and more. Suitable for ages 4 years +, this set is sure to create long-lasting memories that will be looked back on in years to come.

this is an image of a 114-piece classic wood building set for kids for ages 4 and up.

11. Roy Toy

This 550 log set is a classic! From the red stained wood to the iconic green roof pieces, there are mega constructing opportunities to be had for both children and collectors. Get crafting and learning with this Roy Toy Log Set and see what your imagination creates. This is one of the most durable lincoln logs, age range being at least 3.

this is an image of a 550-piece log building set for kids.

12. Tumble Tree Timbers

With a whopping 450 pieces, this set is one for the log building fanatics. Perhaps you’ve already introduced log building sets to your child and would like to challenge them further. This set is great for pushing imagination and skills as children get hands-on with assembling the wooden pieces together to create houses, cabins and more. This set is also compatible with Lincoln Log sets making it a great addition for kids who already own existing sets.

this is an image of a 450-piece wood building set for kids.

13. River Falls Trading Post

If you’re searching for a Lincoln Log set for first-timers, this is a perfect choice. With 133 pieces, kids ages 3 years and above get busy building a home and cabin for their cowboy and horse included with the toy.

this is an image of a 133-piece river falls trading post building set for kids.

14. Forge Mill Cabin

Consisting of 51 pieces, this introductory wooden piece set is sure to bring plenty of new fun to a child’s playtime. For children ages 3 years and above, stack and fit the pieces together to get creating a Forge Mill Cabin for the cowboy included. Stimulating for imagination and enhancing STEM skills, this set is excellent value for money and will be treasured for years to come.

this is an image of a 51-piece Forge Mill Cabin building set for kids ages 3 and up.

15. World’s Smallest Lincoln Logs

Challenge yourself and build the world’s smallest Log cabin! This set contains 49 assorted log pieces and is a must-buy for any collectors, suitable for ages 6 years and above it’s also an ideal way to take assembly to the next level for any child too. Are you ready to work on a miniature scale?

this is an image of a 49-piece assorted logs building set for kids.

16. Frontier Logs with Action Figures

This frontier logs set contains unique action figures to bring action scenes to life. From natives equipped with bow and arrows to horses, there is lots of fun and imagination ready to be unleashed with this cool toy. Kids get to construct their own action scenes from scratch as they construct cabins and forts for hideouts. With 280 pieces, 20 action figures and a comprehensive instruction manual, this set is perfect for children ages 4 years + who want to learn in a hands-on way.

this is an image of a 300-piece classic wood building set with action figures for kids ages 4 and up.

17. Grand Pine Lodge

Build a grand pine lodge or simply add this one to the collection you already have. Kids can get busy constructing a towering wooden lodge that overlooks everything beneath it. 103 pieces make this set great for those looking for a challenge as it exercises a child’s fine motor skills. Suitable for ages 4 years and above, this set encourages a child to establish a strong foundation of STEM skills that are sure to help when in school and later life. Made in the USA, this toy is the perfect cowboy oriented toy for any child.

this is an image of a 103-piece Grand Pine Lodge building for kids ages 3 and up.

18. Shady Pine Homestead

Have kids build their very own homestead with this Shady Pine Homestead kit that contains 120 pieces and is suitable for ages 3 years and above. This toy comes with its very own horse-drawn wagon for that classic cowboy feel and each piece is constructed from real wood for authenticity. Kids can decorate their structures with colorful roofing and accessories too for an extra bit of imaginative flair. What will your kid’s perfect homestead look like?

this is an image of a 120-piece Shady Pine Homestead building set for kids ages 3 and up.

19. Country Meadow Estate

This beautiful high quality Country Meadow Estate is suitable for kids ages 3 years and above and comes with a distinct color palette of pinks and purple. This Lincoln wooden construction set includes 137 parts and comes with a white pony and pink lady figure too. Great for advanced preschool learning, children can construct their own meadow estate and play out imagined scenes or follow the build guide included if a little assistance is needed.

this is an image of a 137-piece Country Meadow Cottage building set for kids ages 3 and up.

20. Little Prairie Farmhouse

For lovers of pink, this little prairie farmhouse is the perfect addition to a pink-themed toy box. Complete with pretty ponies and colorful accessories, children ages 3 years and above can get creative with the 115 real wood pieces to create their dream farmhouse. Everything included in this set can be easily packed into the pink and white tin it comes in to avoid messy floors!

this is an image of a 115-piece Little Prairie Farmhouse building set for kids ages 3 and up.

Our Best Buy

Our best buy wasn’t an easy decision to make amongst all the awesome Lincoln Log sets above, from vintage editions to miniature sets, there was a lot to choose from! However, coming in at number one for us is the Grand Pine Lodge.

While at a higher-end price, this set made us smile fondly and think of all the nostalgia it could bring to both grandparents and grandchildren. With 103 pieces and made in the U.S.A, it’s an amazing addition for any collector or child to add to their favorite toys. We love the classic wood color in this set, the thicker wooden pieces and the animated toy figurines that are included.

From creating safe stables for horses to challenging your child into assembling a towering lodge, perfect for a cowboy to keep watch out in, there is more than one reason that the Grand Pine Lodge made it as our best buy!

this is an image of a 103-piece Grand Pine Lodge building for kids ages 3 and up.

History of Lincoln Logs

Lincoln logs are one of America’s most iconic toy series and for good reason too! Teaching fundamental STEM skills to children and holding a range of other benefits, these construction sets have been around since 1916, over a century. Invented by John Lloyd Wright, the toys have evolved throughout time but still ring true to their original concept of using interchangeable wooden pieces to make forts, houses and more.

Today, you’ll find a range of Lincoln toys available from the original classic series to those with more of a modern twist, such as the Country Meadow Estate. Lincoln Log toys were introduced into the National Toy Hall Of Fame in 1999 due to their unrivaled reputation over decades and national love for the series.

The toys remain to be as popular today amongst children as they were over a century ago, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

What are the Educational Benefits of These Toys?

Interested to know exactly how Lincoln Log and other construction toys can benefit your child’s learning? There are a wide number of ways that interacting with construction oriented toys can benefit your child. From developing cognitive skills to encouraging imaginative play and cooperation, the benefits really are endless. We’re going to take a look at just a selection of ways that your child can flourish when interacting and playing with these type of toys, you may be surprised!

Improves motor skills. By manipulating and maneuvering objects to construct, kids will strengthen their existing motor skills and motor planning. Motor skills are particularly important because they help a child develop their hand-eye coordination, carry out complex tasks and work in a number of ways later in adult life.

Thinking and reasoning skills. When children construct things with toys they are actively using their critical thinking and reasoning skills. If a construction ‘doesn’t work’ or turns out differently to how they imagined, they will be encouraged to revisit their ideas again and start over.

Confidence grows. Through actively working towards an end goal, children can be proud when the moment hits and they’ve completed their task. Through completing a project, a kid will feel accomplished and will have more strength and belief in themselves, their abilities and ideas. It is especially important to foster a child’s belief in oneself prior to entering school education as this can help them develop social skills, carry out projects confidently and communicate with ease.

MIND FIRST. Technology surrounds us and our children and, educational toys are becoming increasingly focused around its use. While technology brings with it many of its own benefits, there is still underlying importance for a child to feel confident using the power of their own mind. Construction sets will encourage a child to rely on the power of their own thoughts and mind. This ultimately develops a child’s ability to think for themselves.

Problem-solving. Problem-solving is a skill we value as adults and children alike. Through introducing STEM toys into a child’s life you will ultimately help them develop their problem-solving skills early on. Constructing structures provides children with the scenarios in which they must make decisions and think about what will and won’t work. These skills are very valuable and will be used later in life throughout school and work.

Science and math development. Through engaging with the likes of these type of structure building sets, a kid will naturally use math concepts such as adding, subtracting and geometry. This will give your child a head-start in these subject areas and could see them thrive naturally when it comes to schooling. It’s always a good idea to try and encourage natural learning through the use of toys and it doesn’t get much better than this!

Teamwork. Kids enjoy playing together and this type of toy lends itself to cooperation. Learning to take turns and work together is of great value especially for when a child enters the school environment. Through introducing such skills at an early age, children will be naturally more cooperative and be able to complete team tasks later in life with ease.

Spatial awareness. Such toys can help a child gain a better understanding of the space around them. Developing visual-spatial skills is important to a child and through planning out constructions they are able to tap into these skills.

Patience. We all know that kids can have very little patience. These type of toys can help a child to work carefully and with a method behind what they are doing. A slow pace will help increase both patience and focus.

Encourages imagination. All children use their imagination when playing and they provide a great opportunity to help a child develop their storytelling skills too.

What Age Group are These Toys Suitable For?

Lincoln Log toys and other wooden-piece construction toys are generally suitable for preschool ages and toddlers, so 3 years and above. However, be sure to check the box for EXACT age guidelines as the sets vary regarding this. Due to the nature of the toys, that being they contain many small parts, these can pose as a choking hazard for younger children and therefore it’s important to be extra careful.

There are more advanced toys in this category that are more suitable for older age groups as children grow and develop their skill level will follow. Don’t buy a toy with the age recommendation of 3 years and above for a 6-year-old, they’ll likely get bored very quickly…

The future of Lincoln Logs

While we touched upon how technology is impacting educational toys, there is still in 2024 a great need for hands-on play that comes with the Lincoln Log series. As mentioned there are a huge number of benefits that come with interacting with such toys that promote lots of valuable skills.

As technology continues to develop, so will the toy market. And, while it may be tempting to open an app for your child or put them in front of a computer, you should always consider the importance of the type of play construction sets promote. Many jobs in the STEM sector still require physical and mental skills that can be primarily taught from interacting with these sets from an early age.

These toys will continue to shape the memories of children in years to come, there is a reason they’ve been around for a hundred years after all!

Are frontier logs and lincoln logs compatible?

Understanding if they are compatible would mean pitting them against each other, frontier logs vs lincoln logs:

This is a question we have gotten a lot, and the simple answer is yes. They are compatible, although the toys are from different brands, with the right amount of skill, they can be used to assemble really cool buildings.