May 12, 2010

Rebel Graffiti Tee - a two for one

I wanted to show you one more way to utilize both parts of your freezer stencil.  When you go through that much work, it's nice to have two things to show for it.  I thought it would be fun to make matching tees for Rex and his cousin.  Here are our "Rebel" tees and here's how to do it.

I tried out this fabric spray paint from Tulip.  I liked it overall, but it came out a bit lighter than it looks like on the bottle.  It's more of a purplish-blue than a royal blue.  It's a little more expensive than the regular kind, but you can use a Michael's coupon on it.

Here's my template.  Feel free to use it.  The circle is for the back of the'll see.

Iron down your stencil and spray the shirt.  I recommend taking a few practice sprays before you hit the shirt, just to get the feel of it.  It was super easy and fast. 

I used the normal part of the stencil for this shirt.

Here's the back.

I added floss to both tees - on the seams and as a shadow to the word, "Rebel."

Want another way to use the other half of the stencil?  Go see the bleached mustache tee if you missed that post.

Now, a couple of matters of business....

1) Tomorrow I'll post the sword winner AND a new winner for the Anthro-inspired necklace.  (She never e-mail me back so you've got another chance.)

2) I'm making some little changes on the appearance of the blog, what do you think?

3) Loopdeelou has some new headbands in the shop.  Check 'em out.

Thanks so much for dropping in today.  Have a wonderful day!


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