June 22, 2010

SYTYC Unveiled - the Leather Leaf Necklace

This was my audition for SYTYC last week.  I have seen SO many of those metal engraved necklaces everywhere, that I wanted to do something along those sentimental lines, but with a unique twist.  As I mentioned, you could use your children's names or anything that is inspirational to you personally.

Here's how I did it.  I stamped the leather (which was actutally extra vinyl I had leftover).  Stamping leather is easy, but you do have to buy the little kit to do it.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby with a coupon.  Without the coupon it runs around $15 I think.  Anyhow, you pound the letters into the surface.

Then I cut them into leaf shapes.

Next I sandwiched a plain leaf, a loop of ribbon, (wrapping the ribbon around the necklace chain) and a stamped leaf and sewed around the edges.  The leather will shift as you sew, but don't worry.  We'll trim it up nicely when we're done.

See?  Not so neat, but just trim the edges and you'll be set.

For my inspiration I used the different cities I lived while serving a mission for my church in Portugal.  When I wear it, it reminds me of the people I met there and the amazing experiences that changed my life forever.

You could make a bracelet, or just a long chain with all the leaves at the bottom.  There are a billion variations.  I think it's kind of nice to have something a little different than the norm.

Thank you for reading.  I'll see you tomorrow!


keight dukes said...

this is awesome! so much easier than i was predicting at first glance. i thought it would require being some sort of blacksmith/tanner to make this guy.love it!

Taylor Swim said...

Great necklace. I knew you'd pull through. Good luck on SYTYC! I'll be watching for you.

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome!!

Eu nao sabia que voce falava português, eu falo português brasileiro, que legal conhecer outras pessoas que falão português! Tenha um bom dia!! :)


Tiffany said...

Aw man, I voted for the other guy. This honestly was my 2nd choice. Honest.

Anonymous said...

that is really such a cool idea!

Papgena Made It said...

i was wonder why the portuguese words, it's nice to know you liked it here!
the necklace is very nice!

Breck said...

I have written on leather with a screwdriver but the letters are a bit more square. That way you don't have to go buy the tool set. Depending on the words they looked really good!


Amy said...

I'm so glad that I voted for your entry!! It makes me feel good that I'm already on track to support you this year. :o)

Unknown said...

FYI - I think you will do amazing in the contest. I'm predicting that you win! (If you want to, there is a button that was made for those blogs who I named a "blog to watch". I think I forgot to tell you to grab it. It is at the bottom of the "button" link at the top of my blog. Confusing.)

Mãe da Rita said...

Hi, I'm visiting your blog for the first time and I was very curious about the portuguese words in that great necklace.
It's nice to know you enjoyed being in Portugal!
A hug from Lisbon :-)

Bethany @ The Paper Pony said...

Ah... Portugal! I spent many months serving in Cartaxo! That is awesome... also, Sao Miguel, Graca, Funchal, and Caldas da Rainha. Gosto muito! Lovely project and personally nostalgic. Good Luck on SYTYC!

Filipa Sompy said...

Can your blog get any better?! Of course - when I saw the name of my hometown (Setúbal) in your lovely necklace!
I'm glad you liked it that much!
Also I was wondering...do you speak portuguese? :)

Cheers from Portugal!

Amber P. said...

So I'm a little slow to find this, but I love the idea! I don't know if leaves are of any importance in Portugal, but I served in Bulgaria and roses are one of their main products for exporting and it would be so cool to do that idea with roses/petals, somehow.


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