June 16, 2010

Toy Photoshoot - Part One

Have you ever stepped on a Transformer toy?  Have you ever bought your kid a toy with a lot of small pieces and later regretted it?  Have you ever looked around the room and thought, let's get rid of all these toys and buy one pack of wooden blocks...isn't that all they had in the olden days?  Well, that's probably not an option, but we're going to make things a little better today.

I've been trying to teach Rex to clean up and to share.  I think every parent is always working with their kids on both of those issues.  Well, yesterday we purged.  Yup.  We went through every little toy in every room.  I explained to Rex that there are children who don't have any toys and that we needed to share.  We took a load to DI and organized everything else.  And?  It felt AWESOME!!!  I was so proud of Rex for being willing to give some toys away, too.

Then we had a little photo shoot.  What? 

Well, since Rex can't read yet I took pictures of all the toys, printed them off on our printer and taped them to various bins.  I used whatever I had....some tupperware containers and some shoe boxes.

Rex thinks it's really cool and he has no questions about where things go.

Now the inside of the ottoman looks like this:

I can handle that.  I didn't take a picture of what it looked like before, but you can imagine.  It wasn't pretty.

One last benefit to this idea.  Now the toys are more mobile.  Rex can bring his legos upstairs and not leave a trail as he does it.  Then they all go back in the box and back into the ottoman.  OR I can rotate them to different places in the house to switch things up for the boys. 

Tomorrow I'll show you one more things you can do with the toy pictures.  That's all for today.  Thank you for reading.  Hope your day is fabulous.


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