August 17, 2010

College-wear on a budget

Today I'm going to show you the second shirt we made my niece while she was here.  She loves BYU, but college clothing can get pricey.  So?  We did a simple freezer paper stencil and made her this shirt.

Want to know the secret that made this the easiest shirt ever?  We used the cricut to cut the letters.  Bam!  They were done in no time flat.  Don't worry - if you don't have a cricut you're not out of the club.  And if you are out of the club then I am too because I don't have one either (sniffle, sniffle) but my mom is in town with hers and I'm currently taking advantage of that!

Anyhow, we painted it with the saran wrap technique I showed you HERE.  It gave the shirt that fun vintage look I love.

We ran "Cougars" up the back and it was done.

That's all for today, but tomorrow I'm going to show you an amazing project my dad just did in my family room.  See you tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by.


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