September 15, 2010

Empty Frames on my Wall

I have really been digging the trend of hanging a group of empty frames on a bare wall.  I have slowly been purchasing some frames to do this in my craft room and it's finally finished.  As I mentioned before, I wanted to make my craft room super girly, since I don't really have any other place I can do that.  I'm quite out-numbered, you know.  Anyhow, here's the magenta frame wall.

Some were as cheap as 99 cents.  The fancy one was a splurge from Hobby Lobby.  I used a coupon on that sucker.  It's my favorite and I think it makes the wall.  Remember how the playroom has the peek-a-boo door to the craft room?  Click HERE to see what I'm talking about.  Well my dad framed out the opening of it, so it blends with all the other frames.  Cool, huh? 

It just slides open so they can spy on me.

The craft room is almost done now.  I have a couple little projects to add and a little more organizing to do.  Just having the room more put together gives me more motivation to craft and get things done.

Well, that's all for today.  Thanks for stopping in.


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