January 22, 2011

Silhouette Winner and Sharing Saturday - your questions

I am wishing so much that I could give you all a Silhouette.  Some of your entries were hilarious and there is definitely a common theme - Santa just didn't get the memo this year.  I also laughed when I saw some husbands enter the drawing for their wives.  I think it would have been funny if one of them would have won.  Anyhow, we finally have our winner. 

Kasia, if I were you I'd probably need to run to the bathroom before I wet myself.  Yeah, pretty exciting stuff here.  Congrats!

I am seriously sorry you couldn't all win one.  You can still cash in on the promotion if you act quickly.  It ends today.

Now, on to today's post.  It's been a while since we've had a Sharing Saturday and I have missed having them.  So, we're back at it today with a few questions from readers.  Here we go:

1) My husband's bday is coming up and I'd love to make him something from our 2 year old, but I'm having a hard time thinking of something (dumb preggo brain!) His bday is right before Valentines so I'm trying to avoid something too heartsy (since I'll be doing that too I'm sure!). If people have any ideas I'd love to hear it!!!

2) What kind of tricks can I use to get my kids to eat vegetables (or any food they don't like, for that matter)?
Two weeks ago, we decided that our kids (ages 5, 3, & 1) really need to start eating healthier foods. They have always been picky eaters, and in the past, our rule was that if they didn't eat their food, they had a punishment like 10 minutes earlier bedtime, or similar. But we realized that as a result, they were literally never eating healthy things, they were just choosing to take the punishment.
So we decided the new rule was, Eat what's on your plate, or sit at the table until bedtime. Guess what happened? They sat until bedtime every night for probably a week, with no hint of breaking! Then I came up with the idea of threatening to go to the dr. to get "vegetable shots" if they didn't eat. Well, this did it, but what has happened now is that we sit for two hours every night with the kids gagging and spitting out food and crying until they finally manage to (barely) swallow the food down. It's EXHAUSTING, for everyone involved.
And we're not talking about gross, large amounts of food here-we're talking three small pieces of broccoli smothered with cheese, or two baby carrots with ranch dressing, etc.- kid friendly food and portions!
I'm just at a loss! I know that a lot of this a battle of proving "who's the boss", but my kids also seem to literally not be able to make themselves eat a food they don't like! We've talked about all the tricks- taking a drink, dipping in sauce, etc., but it hasn't helped.
What do your readers suggest? Do we just not worry about the veggies, and make sure they take vitamins? Do we keep it up, and hope the kids "break" at some point? Is there some trick that someone has tried?

3) I'd like to do something fun with my husband for valentine's day.  He's not really into v-day and I don't want to spend an hour waiting for a table that weekend just to grab a bite to eat.  What do all of you do for valentine's?  Pretend it doesn't exist?  Plan a creative date? 

Okay ladies.  We need your help.  Please tell us what you know.  Don't be shy.


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