31 Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls in 2024

Are you trying to find the best toys for 3 year old girls? Wondering what are the most popular toys for girls aged 3 are? We have compared different types of toys for girls and compiled a mega list of gift ideas, so choosing a present will be really easy and fun.

There is a time and place when finding the best gift possible for your little 3 year old girl.  Looking, whether that is for her birthday, special occasion or even Christmas, there is always something around the corner that needs finding.

We understand as parents what this is like. That’s why we have put together 31 fantastic gift ideas that make this one of the best reviews for kids toys aged 3 years old and above. We have all sorts of gifts to consider and they range from painting activities sets for the creative types, push bikes for the sporty girls, cuddly toys for the soppy ones, pink-themed play tents for the girl who needs her castle and loads more gift ideas below.

Considerations Buying Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

Every parent has at some point wondered what toys can help with their child’s development. This is also a concern of ours at Star and we want to make sure you have the best child developing toys that can encourage their development and promote well-being through play. This is also the age where parents lay the way for them being able to begin learning to read themselves, which is why we have added a fantastic book for them to enjoy.

Some toys naturally inspire creativity and have activities built into their design, which makes them particularly good at encouraging them, whether through actively encouraging their imagination. Other toys focus on physical activity and require different skills, which also help their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, so whatever choice you make know that all factors have been considered to the highest standard.

The price can vary from gift to gift and we have made sure the ones in this review are between $10 and $99, which is what most parents are looking to spend some

Top Gift Ideas & Best Toys For 3 Year Old Girls

Disney’s Activity Book Set

This magic pen painting set is a colorful gift that has all the Disney favorites to draw on. The rainbow colored pens make the classic pictures come to life in a unique, cool way with these special rainbow pens. The kids are always amazed by the color of these pens.

There are 4 themed Disney activity books, Frozen “Sisters Forever Frozen, Princess Happily Ever After and Enchanted Stable, Minnie Moments coloring books“. Each of these is captivating stories and activities booklets, which offer countless hours of creative play.

This kids activity Disney set is made in the USA and has superior design, which will inspire them to get creative. The enchanting stories that come through drawing is fantastic and help their imagination spark into life, which is why this is a great gift idea.

Disney's Characters Magic Pen Painting Activity Books, Set for Girls


Schwinn Girls Balance Bike is A Fun Girls Chrismas Present

Every girl must learn to ride a bike at some stage and parents often feel 3 years old is the right time to begin teaching them how to ride. This is why this is often a perfect gift that will encourage them to begin the upward battle, however, with a balance bike this becomes a lot easier to learn with fewer falls.

Schwinn is a great brand and produces quality bikes and most people agree. This bike even comes with air tires and is a lot smoother and less bumpy while learn to ride a bike. Everything is adjustable and as the toddler grows the balance bike also does, which means that there is adjustable handlebars, seat and a foot to the floor frame so they feel in control all the time. The quality parts and components are made to last

This pink bike gift can help with balance, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and offer them a fantastic tool for getting around and fine-tuning their abilities. These types of bikes are better for toddlers learning. Parents either choosing a balance bike or a bike with fitted training wheel I would always recommend a balance bike for starting. This naturally develops their sense of balance and helps them become better at balancing on a bike.

Schwinn 12-Inch Balance Bike, Pink


Toddler Magnetic Drawing Board

This toy by Happytime comes in 2 separate pieces, one the doodler sketch, which has a color screen and is a little larger and the other which is bright but smaller.

The erasable aspect of this makes this a creative gift for them to begin practicing drawing without the need to go through lots of paper, just simply shake and start again. The fun never ends.

The drawing board is easy to use and comes in different colors, which is a new feature and only a few years ago it was the black and white kind, but not longer. This drawing board comes with a magnetic design and is easy to use with sliders and erasers. The stamper comes with the drawing board and is stored in the top of the board. These are in the shape of a flower, triangle, and circle for helping them become a little more creative.

This is a great traveling companion gift and makes the long journeys easier, which is why this birthday, Christmas or just casual present makes this a thoughtful one too. Parents are always trying to get them off their toddler iPads, especially at night and this is a good way to keep them happy and avoiding blue light that impacts the quality of their sleep. Magnetic Drawing Board


Huge Teddy Bear for Girls to Cuddle

Every little girl loves her teddies and with this large dark brown one they can cuddle until her heart is content. This huge cuddly bear is a perfect gift for a parent wanting to spoil their little princess.

The Joon company make good quality bears and all the families far and wide agree, which is why this might be a teddy bear for life.

The teddy features a massive 38 inches in height, huggable, fully stuffed and with a ribbon that finishes the look, which is just adorable.

I think this gift idea is one that always goes down well with children and with the playrooms or bedroom large enough this will be a gift to remember. I still remember all my teddies and so will she with this humongous teddy bear that stands over 3 feet tall.

kids Huge brown Teddy Bear


Dress-Up Girls Doll Play Set by Melissa & Doug

The Maggie Leigh magnetic set is a wooden dress-up game that the girls can pretend to play dress-up Maggie. There are loads of different ways to make her look and this is a fun-filled play set to get them learning about coordination with motor skills as well as fashion.

There are 25+ pieces and each one has a slightly different look, so whatever their preference there is a dress to match their style. This is a game mother and daughter can play together and mom can teach her the do’s and don’t’s of color coordinating.  This activity set is a gift that will encourage their creativity and imagination with vibrant colors, countless possibilities and an easy to use wooden boxset. which is why this will be a good choice for a birthday gift.

kids wooden dress up doll set


100 Pieces Assorted Stamps for Girls

This self-ink stamp set is a great activity set for getting the little girl’s imagination going with loads of different stamp designs included.

There are 50 unique designs, which include emoji, dinosaurs, zoo animals, party ideas, prizes, and loads more favorite children themed ones. Each stamp is small at 1.5 x 1 inch, which is a perfect size for letters, paper pads, notebooks, birthday cards and paper use.

This set of stamps are colorful and well made for those who want to use this all year round. Some other game set stamps become easily worn and dried up, but these don’t and are a fantastic gift idea of the birthday girl.

100 assorted stamps


Children Girls Pink Playhouse with LED Star Lights

This Sherosa playhouse tent is designed like a little pink castle, which some girls will love and feel like a princess in the castle.

This play tent is quite large and can be used both indoors or outdoors and is large enough that it can fit a birthday girls friends in as well. The color is fabulous and any birthday girl would love a gift like this, especially if this is their first time having a playhouse tent.

The dimensions and size are 55 inches in diameter and 53 inches in height, made with durable fabric and comes with a carrier bag for ease of use and transportation. This assembles in minutes and makes a perfect pop-up tent for hours of use and play, which provides shade from the sun. I think the open side design makes this cool in summer and warm in the winter.

pink princess play tent


Pink Stuffed Dinosaur Plush Toy Is a Great Birthday Gift

This is a cuddly companion and for every little girl this is a friend to carry everywhere they go, its soft, constructed with high-quality material and, standing at 18 inches tall, is a great size for comfort

The friendliest dino in the land exceeds safety standards set out by standardsn. Designed for 3-year-olds in mind, it makes a great birthday present for your little girl.

Pink Stuffed Dinosaur Plush Toy


Butterfly Wings Dress Up Activity Kit

This pair of beautiful butterfly wings lets your princess become the butterfly she always wanted to be. Each design is unique because they get to design and color in the wings them self.

The wings are easy to put on, and one size fits most. There are loops for the hands so girls can spread their wings and pretend to fly!

Winner of DR. Toy vest Vacation 2015 award, you know that your girl will get so much fun out of these. Using their imagination and craft skills to take to the skies.

little girl wearing butterfly wings


Plastic Kitchen Cutting Toy For Little Girls who Like To Cook

Maybe your birthday girl has taken an interest in cooking. Now would be the perfect time to feed that desire for this plastic food set by YIFAN.

Each of the 24 pieces comes attached to its other half by velcro, so children can easily ‘cut’ them with the plastic knife and stick them back together once they’ve finished.

Bright colors will stimulate your child’s brain and have to stick them back together will increase their motor skills at a young age.

plastic Kitchen food set


 Color the Earth Inflatable Ball Activity Kit

Winner of Best Toy Award by Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, this inflatable globe uses a bike pump to inflate. The globe has all countries, seas, and continents laid out as you would expect to find on a real globe.

The manufacturer includes a craft marker set with the ball and recommends having the ball inflated fully before attempting to color anything in. This will ensure accuracy and no mistakes.

kid drawing on an Inflatable Ball Activity Kit


Fabric Markers Permanent – Fun Birthday Present

This 12 pack of fabric markers make a great gift if you and little girl want to do some craft together. They’re nontoxic so are safe for your child to be around.

The bright colors don’t bleed when you write on clothes and won’t wash out of clothes when you’ve drawn on your design. The double-ended pens mean that you can use one end to finally draw lines and shapes and the other, thicker end to color in spaces. A great birthday present.

kids Fabric Markers Permanent


Etekcity Finger Lights LED Toy

If you’re throwing your daughter a family birthday for her third birthday, then these finger LED lights are a must.

The pack of 100 comes in a variety of colors (red, white, green and blue) so they will suit any mood that you’re going for.

The battery lasts up to 24 hours in these and the manufacturer is so confident in their ability to perform that they’ll happily replace any duds you might find.

kids Finger Lights Bright LED toy


Doctor Kit with Electronic Stethoscope

Has your birthday girl expressed desires to become a doctor or maybe she just likes to play dress up, either way, this is a great gift for her

The 12 piece set comes with a battery operated the phone, a battery operated stethoscope which makes real heartbeat noises (battery included) and a handy case to carry it all it in.

The large plastic items are easy to clean so this set will always remain fun.

Kids Doctor Kit


Swing-Set for Little girls Who Love Outdoors

Toddlers and adults alike can enjoy this UFO swing set. Made from a durable nylon mesh and strong steel frame, it will last the test of time for sure.

Construction is easy and the instructions are included with everything else you need to build it yourself in your hard.

This swing teaches kids that outdoor play can be fun and that swinging is as easy as pie.

yellow UFO swing set for kids


Romanesque Wood Blocks Gift for Creative Girls

Lovingly handmade in Germany, this set of 62 multi-colored blocks will inspire the builder inside any little girl

Imagination is the only thing limiting what your girl can build, and these high qualities crafted wooden blocks are ideal to let them explore their creative side.

Helping to develop motor skills and storytelling skills. This set comes with a sturdy wooden box to help with clean up time and to keep everything together.

Wooden colorful Romanesque blocks


Radio Flyer Ride-On Girls Pink Trike

A rider-on-tricycle is a perfect gift for your three-year-old girl that will keep giving for years to come afterward.

Unlike other little bikes, this bike comes with an adjustable seat, meaning that as your girl grows, so can the bike. Recommended for three and a half-year-olds to five-year-olds

The carrying tray at the back of the bike comes with a lid to cover it, so your girl can have fun taking all her little things around with her.

 Pink trike ride on toy


Girls Book – Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons love tacos is an Amazon bestseller written by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri.

It tells a story of how to get dragons to come to your birthday party, they love tacos, so that’s exactly what you’ll have to serve. Lots of them.

Just watch out that they don’t get any of the spicy salsa!

dragon love tacos book


 GeoSpace Pop ‘N Catch Game

The original and still the best party game to play at your three-year-old’s birthday.

Designed for three-year-olds and safe to play indoors and outdoors. It will help to improve your child’s motor skills as they ‘pop’ the ball back to one another trying to catch it as they do.

The set comes with two launcher/catchers and one ball.

Pop 'N Catch Game


Jumbo 4-to-Score Oversized Game

A great party game that can be played against each other or in small teams. The aim of the game is to get four in a row of whatever color you’re playing with (Pink or green)

A great way to develop your child’s cognitive abilities. Made from high quality, durable plastic that won’t fade if you leave it outside in the yard. Standing at 46 inches tall, it’s an impressive tower by anyone’s standard.

jumbo 4-to-Score Oversized Game


Kidzlane Durable Piano Mat For Girls Who Love Music

We all know and love that scene in ‘BIG’ where Tom Hanks plays the piano in the toy store. Well, now you can play happy birthday to your little girl whilst dancing along on this Piano Mat.

Designed for toddlers aged three and up, this mat comes with the ability to record and change the noise the piano makes all at a touch of a button.

Get your child moving and stay fit with the jumbo-sized (59 inches by 24inches) keyboard.

Kidzlane Durable Piano Mat box set


Princess Castle Play Tent 

What kid would not want this adorable play tent from Wilwolfer? They can use it as a play den, reading nook, or simply a place to relax. Inspired by princesses and fairies, the play castle would be a beautiful addition to your family room, play room or your kid’s bedroom. With a hexagon shape, the tent is durable and stable. The screens made from polyester blend fabric can also help keep bugs and mosquitos away. This cute play castle can be used indoors or outdoors so you can take it into your yard, park, and even to parties.  

Constructed from durable PVB connectors and a polyester blend cloth cover, it is easy to clean. At 53 inches tall and wide, the tent provides a great and roomy space for your little one to play or relax. It is designed for children aged 1-9 years. The tent and connectors can be folded down for compact storage and makes for a 3 years old girl birthday gift for-sure! 

this is an image of a large pink princess castle tent for little girls.


Melissa & Doug Beauty Salon Playset 

Melissa and Doug are well known for developing fun and sturdy toys for little ones over a period of 30 years, certainly known for 3 year old girl toys. Their Beauty Salon Play Set would make the perfect gift for a little kid, with its attention to detail and many opportunities for role play. The set contains 18 pieces including a hair dryer, hair spray, hair straightener, comb, brush, flip top lotion bottle, and more. Your daughter is sure to love playing at doing her hair, makeup and nails with this salon play set!  

Made from durable wooden materials, the salon set also comes with a pink and white wooden tabletop vanity set with a child safe mirror and drawer for storage. Your little girl can play pretend with lipstick, nail polish bottles, makeup brush, eye shadow, and applicator. The reusable spa services card means she can treat her friends, family, and toys to makeovers, too.  

this is an image of a wooden salon play set for little girls ages 3 and up.


Toddler Pretend Make Up Set 

Tiny fashionistas are sure to love this realistic make up set for kids! Though it looks incredibly real, the make up is not real and does not apply on to skin. This means your little one can play without you worrying about mess, which makes these popular gifts for 3 year old girls! The set is designed to stimulate kids’ imaginations and inspire creativity. It comes with a storage bag with logo and a pretend compact with shatterproof mirror, so your little girl can enjoy ‘applying’ the make up. The compact even contains a fake powder puff so it looks just like real make up. Perfect for role play, pretend play, parties and play dates, you will be amazed at how real this make up looks – and delighted that it does not transfer to your child’s skin or any home surfaces.  

this is an image of a pretend makeup set for little girls.


ALEX Toys Pretend Picnic Basket 

This pretend picnic basket from ALEX would make a gorgeous gift for any 3 year old. Packed in a real woven carrying basket, it contains 18 pieces making up 4 place settings. Your kid will love playing in the backyard, the park, and other adventures. Even inside on a rainy day!  

The basket holds 4 tin plates, 4 tin cups, 4 plastic spoons, 4 plastic forks, and a cloth picnic blanket. It has everything your child needs for a picnic with friends, family, or teddy bears. They are sure to enjoy packing everything neatly into its individual place in the basket for easy transport between locations. The picnic set is designed to encourage role play and pretend, so your kid uses their imagination as they set up the tea party. The set can also help to develop creativity, social and communication skills.  

this is an image of a pretend woven picnic basket for little girls ages 3 and up.


Piano Mat 

Did you ever think gifts for 3 year old girls involved a piano? Well, if you have a little musician in the family, they will love this giant floor piano mat from M Sanmerson! With 16 piano keys and 8 kinds of animal sounds to try out, it will entertain for hours. Stimulate your child’s hearing skills and inspire a lifelong love of music with this fun toy. Your kid will find it easy to make sounds using their hands or feet on the giant piano keys. At 54 inches long, it is the perfect size for preschoolers to have plenty of musical fun. Despite its jumbo size, the piano mat is easy to fold up small for carrying and storing compactly.  

Safety comes first with this piano toy, and it is made from soft non toxic fabric. It has passed safety certifications including ASTM, CPSIA, CPC and CE. You can easily wipe the mat clean and it is designed to be durable enough to withstand hours of jumping on the keys.  

this is an image of a musical keyboard mat for 3 to 6 years old kids.


Pretend Rings for Dressing Up  

These sparkly pretend play rings are bound to catch a little one’s eye! Designed for kids’ dressing up and role play, this cute little box contains 36 unique rings made of pretend gemstones of varying vibrant colors. Each sweet little ring is individual, there are no duplicates, so your little one will have the choice of so many jewels to play with. Every one is adjustable, so your daughter can keep on enjoying the rings as she grows. With a lovely pink presentation box, this is a perfect choice for any birthday or Christmas giftFeaturing bows, hearts, butterflies, and many other shapes, she will be enthralled by the sparkling pretend gemstones on her fingers. Made from durable, high quality and long lasting materials, they are constructed to last and tested for safety.  

this is an image of a 36-piece pretend play and dress up rings in a pink box for little girls.


LEGO Duplo Pony Stable  

LEGO is a classic gift toy for any kid, and with its open ended play and endless possibilities, it can entertain for hours. LEGO DUPLO is the range designed for ages 2 to 5 years, with chunky blocks and vibrant colors to appeal to little kids. This Town Farm Pony Stable would make a great gift for your 3 year old. 

It features a stable with opening door, 2 toy horses, 2 DUPLO figures, and a tipping hay feeder. The stable is easy for your little one to build, with jumbo bricks made for toddler hands. The set also contains accessories such as a brush, bucket, apples, trough, pitchfork, hay block and shovel.  

Your little one will love setting up the stable scene and interacting with the figures and animals. The set contains 59 pieces designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity, and help develop fine motor skills.  

this is an image of a 59-piece pony stable buildig set for 2 to 5 years old girls.


Baby Doll with Car Seat and Accessories  

Encourage your child’s love of role play with this sweet baby doll and its accessories. The 12 inch doll has a friendly face made of gentle touch vinyl. Its features are hand painted, with tiny rosebud lips and sparkly eyes. The body is soft and weighted, with handcrafted toes and tiny fingers. It is the perfect size for toddlers and preschoolers to cuddle. The doll comes with a full set of accessories for traveling, including car seat, diaper bag, rattle, bib, and feeding bottles. Your kid can strap the doll in its booster seat in the car and ride alongside. With its set of accessories, this doll is an ideal gift for 3 year olds. They can learn valuable skills as they play with the doll, such as nurturing and caring, imagination, and fine motor use. The clothes can be removed and replaced so your child can enjoy dressing their baby doll. Doll gift ideas for 3 year girls are popular too and a safe choice is unsure of what to get a little girl.  

this is an image of a pink traveling baby doll set for little girls.


Disney Princess Doll Collection  

Little Disney fans will absolutely love this doll collection, based on some of the most well known characters! The set of 12 fashion dolls contains Moana, Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Tiana, Snow White, Ariel, and Merida. Each doll comes with stylish dresses that your child will recognize from their favorite Disney films. The set also contains fashion accessories such as belts, headbands, necklaces, and 11 pairs of shoes. The dolls can help encourage role play and imagination skills, as your little one acts out their favorite stories. This set of 12 figures would make a perfect gift for any Disney princess fan. It can also be combined with other Disney Princess dolls and play sets to extend your child’s play.  

this is an image of a 12 Disney princess fashion dolls for 3 years old little girls.


Princess Anna Disney Dressing up Outfit  

Does your child enjoy dressing up? If so, this beautiful Princess Anna costume inspired by the Disney film Frozen is sure to delight. An authentic and genuine Disney dressing up outfit, this features a satin shirt with mandarin collar, contrasting trim and elastic cuffs. It is elegant but comfortable enough for your little one. The bodice features sequins and glittering filigree on a mesh overlay. The back has a stretch panel to ensure a comfortable fit for your 3 year old birthday gift. Watch as your child imagines themselves as the Princess of Arendelle, acting and dancing inspired by their favorite movie scenes. This is the perfect addition to any kid’s dressing up collection.  

this is an image of a Disney Anna costume for little girls.


What are Good Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls? 

At 3 years old, kids are moving past the toddler stage and looking for toys that help them practice the new skills they are developing. This could be a toy focusing role play, imagination, creativity, motor skills and even early reading.  

This Chefs Kitchen Playset from Step2 offers the chance to use many of these skills. It is packed full of cool details, like knobs on the stove and cabinet doors that really open and close. It is designed to look like a real restaurant kitchen, and features a window that your child can pass their pretend food through. It even comes with a 25 piece accessory set so your kid will be playing for hours! 

this is an image of a kitchen playset for little girls.



Top Gifts for a 3 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything? 

Struggling to find the perfect toys for 3 years old girls who already has everything? There are so many unique and innovative toys on the market, even for 3 year olds. You could choose an electronic pet, picture book, dressing up costume, or even a toy themed with a favorite character.  

How about this amazing Paw Patrol Lookout Tower?  It is sure to amaze any little kid, with the giant tower standing at two and a half feet tall! It features interactive lights and sounds and even a rotating periscope so the pups can see what’s going on in Adventure Bay. Your little one will love sending the pups up in the elevator and down the slide. There is even a vehicle launcher to give the team a quick send off when they head out on the rescue.  

this is an image of a Paw Patrol tower with vehicle for kids.


Birthday Presents for 3 Year Old Daughter 

If you are looking for the perfect birthday present for your 3 year old, there is certainly plenty to choose from. From role play sets to outdoor activities, there is something for every little girl. You could choose a scooter or balance bike, play kitchen, pretend makeup or jewelry, dolls or plush animals.  

To encourage pretend play and imagination, check out this My Oh My Pizza Pie set from Small World Toys. With everything your little one needs to throw a pizza party, it is sure to delight! The set includes 6 pizza slices, a spatula, pizza cutter, cheese shaker, pepper shaker, and deep dish pan. A perfect gift for your little foodie!  

this is an image of an 11-piece Pizza pie playset for kids.



Unique Christmas Toys for 3 Year Old Girls 

Sometimes you want to find a Christmas gift that is truly unique. With so much choice, it can be hard to select the right toy for your child. For something really special, you could choose an heirloom doll, a collection of fairy tales, or an outdoor play set. Even a toy made from beautiful natural materials that is sure to impress. 

The Tree Top Adventure Activity Center from Manhattan Toys will light up any kid’s eyes on Christmas morning. This beautiful solid wood activity center will stimulate your child’s imagination with its colorful bead runs and gliders. Little hands will enjoy exploring the hands on gadgets and vibrant features. It is the perfect addition to any nursery or family room.   

this is an image of a tree top adventure wood activity center for kids.


Overall Best Buy  

With so many amazing gifts to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect toy for your 4 year old in our guide. Our overall best buy is the Manhattan Toys Tree Top Adventure Activity Center. It will offer your little one endless play opportunities with its cool gadgets and bead runs. Made from beautiful wood, it will also look gorgeous in your home. It is a wonderful gift for your 3 year old, whether for a birthday or Christmas.