January 07, 2012

Soapbox Saturday - Sodee Naturals and a Giveaway

I was contacted by Sodee Naturals a while back and asked to review some of their products.  They mentioned having a lotion that helped with eczema, which peeked my interest (since Baden gets little patches of it on his legs).  

They carry shampoo and conditioner bars, eczema creams, soaps, body butter, and shaving cream.  I was lucky to get to try out all of them.  Here's what I picked and what I thought:

1) Love My Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Bars.  I absolutely LOVED this shampoo bar.  I've used a shampoo bar once  before and struggled with it because it was hard to create enough lather to work on my long hair.  However, this shampoo bar was amazing.  I loved the smell and it was easy to use.  It cleaned my hair well and I highly recommend this product.  The conditioning bar was a little harder to use.  It was tricky to get enough of it on my hair.  I did eventually manage to get enough on and I left it on a while like I try to with my normal conditioner.  I really liked what both did to my hair, but I probably wouldn't use the conditioner bar on a regular basis because it was time consuming.  If you have shorter hair, you might like it more.

2) Eczema Creams.  These were great.  I got a sample pack of each to try and figure out which would help my son's skin the best.  I liked the Original one a lot.  These are thick and seem a lot nicer than any store-bought brand.

3) Sweet Pink Grapefruit Shaving Lotion.  I liked what the shaving cream did.  It smelled so nice and you get a lot of it in the container.  It was hard to spread on my legs though because it's really thick.  It might be better for men's faces.

4) Sea Salt Soap.  This is a great basic, natural soap.  It lathers well and doesn't have a powerful scent.  I really liked it and I think it's cool that salt is a natural antibacterial substance.

5) Sweet Pink Grapefruit Body Butter.  This product was my very favorite.  A little goes a long way.  I get a little lazy with lotion and my legs can be scary looking because they are so dry.  This body butter wasn't crazy heavy and it wasn't greasy either.  It kept my legs looking good for a few days.  I could actually use it every 2-3 days and be set.  It smells so good too.  I wouldn't mind a lifetime supply of this one :)

Do you want to try out a full set of Sodee Naturals products?  Leave ONE comment telling me which product you're the most interested in.  I'll announce the winner on Wednesday.  

If you'd like to find out more about Sodee Naturals you can find the HERE on their web site, HERE on their blog, HERE on Facebook, and HERE on twitter.  They currently have 2 promos going on.  "Like" them on Facebook and receive a free shampoo bar with your purchase.  Or you can receive 10% off your order with the promo code "roar."

Thanks for reading.


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Andie said...

I didn't even know there was a such thing as shampoo and conditioner bars! That would be really neat to try!


Leslie said...

I would love to try the eczema cream for my toddler who suffers from allergies and the shampoo bar for myself.

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