April 03, 2012

10 Great Projects that use Puffy Paint

When you think of Puffy Paint, you might think back to the eighties or early nineties and recall making your own t-shirt.  While, puffy paint has made quite a crafting comeback and the uses for it have branched out quite a bit.  

While the type of puffy paint might vary from project to project (3D paint, Beads in a Bottle, paint pens) all these cool projects make use of some sort of puffy paint.

1) Easter eggs.  I just made these yesterday.  I got out my white 3D paint and wrote the letters on the eggs.  It's simple and pretty Easter decor that you can do in just a few minutes.  I even tried Beads in a Bottle for one of the eggs.

2) Labeled Mason Jars.  While I believe this source (found HERE at Pure and Noble) actually used hot glue, I think puffy paint would be a lot easier to use.  There's no glue strings to deal with.

Here's another way to use it found HERE on Don't Disturb This Groove.

3) Vases.  In the same vein, here's puffy paint on a vase from P.S. I Made This.

4) Canvas Art.  Isn't this so pretty?  She had a smart technique to get the letters just right and you can find her tutorial HERE at Virginia and Charlie.

Here's another idea of how to use it on canvas (or wood in this case) found HERE at Me and My Three Sisters.

5) Pumpkins.  HERE is my pumpkin from last year and check out a great round up of other puffy paint pumpkins HERE.

6) Clothing.  While clothing might be an obvious use, check out the amazing ways these ladies use it.  So hip.  Alisa Burke works serious magic with this stuff.

Ashley at Lil Blue Boo uses it to look like rhinestones HERE.

I used it to look like metal studs on this Viking tee.

7) Gripper Socks.  I made these a while back for Rex.  He loved them and they helped him slip less.  Find the tutorial HERE (and I added an addendum to that tutorial a while back, advising dots or small shapes instead because the pictures work, but they crack a bit in the wash due to the stretchiness of the socks.)

9) Texturizing Fabric.  I added Beads in a Bottle HERE to make it look like stitched on beads on this clutch.  It's a lot less work than stitching on beads.

10) Novelty Projects.  Check that out.  I'm not ready to do it to my camera, but it looks pretty cool.  It's found HERE.

Sprinkles Sundae Zoom

Have you seen any additional ways to use it?  It's pretty fun stuff.

Thanks for dropping in.


Anonymous said...

I remember puffy paint! That all looks so cool - except the camera, sorry!

Siobhan said...

They are fabulous ideas!! I think the camera looks amazing but...way too much money invested there baby! I love these posts where you open my eyes to so many possibilities.

Maureen said...


These are such great ideas. Yes, I like the camera but would not do it to mine! I know what I'm doing for my anniversary. YEAH!


Carrie Garvin said...

What a perfect project for Easter eggs- I'm going to share this post with my daughter! Love it!

Brandi said...

Hi Cheri! Thank you kindly for featuring my puffy paint vase!

Unknown said...

I used puffy paint to make window clings. Now we have a bunch of puffy fish that "swim" around my daughter's bathroom mirror.


Virginia said...

Hi Cheri! Thanks for the shout out! I check your site everyday and I love your projects! -Virginia

~ko said...

Haha! Loved these ideas! What a fun post to read tonight :) Thanks for sharing, I think we will be picking up some puffy paint tomorrow!

Pineconelass said...

Fantastic ideas. I have to go play now :)

Bonnie Way aka the Koala Mom said...

Those are great ideas! Do these work for kids' paints? My daughters always want to paint but that usually means a big mess... I wonder if I could get them doing some projects with these paints instead of brushes?

Christie said...

Puffy Paints are an old time favorite! I used a silver glitter to paint scales for my daughter's mermaid costume here->http://oceanofnotions-chris.blogspot.com/2011/10/sewing-mermaid-costume.html

Katelyn said...

These are some really fun ideas! My first thought was to pin it but figured I should say how much I love this post :)

j.ellis said...

So way fun!!! I can't find the beads in a bottle...and I live in the Denver Metro area..you would think I could find pretty much everything here.

Unknown said...

Some great ideas. I made some really simple t-shirts for my daughters friends at her birthday party.
Neon on black shirts - very cheap but effective.



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