April 16, 2012

Painted Glass Art

I was given the following products by Plaid.  These products rocked my crafting world.  

Let's begin.  I opened this box and it felt like Christmas.  All these Martha Stewart products are high-quality and really clever as well.  I used a lot of them for the project today, but there are a lot I am still excited to try out.  Also, the child pictured below was not included in the package.  I made him myself :)

So, let me sum up the stuff in the box.  There were Martha Stewart paints in satin and pearl finish, which can be used on virtually any surface (glass, metal, fabric, you name it).  There were brushes, foam pouncers that screw onto the paint bottles, sponges, stencils, stencil film to make your own stencils, Stencil adhesive and cleaner, a heating tool that has many uses, and even a tool that makes all the paint work like a spray paint.  Impressive stuff.  

We were challenged to make a Mother's Day gift.  (Personally, I think my mom would like me to wrap up all the products and give it to her....but I made something anyhow :)

So, I wanted to try painting on glass, to test out the paints.  Here's what I made.

I purchased a discounted piece of art at TJ Max with the intent to just use the glass and frame.

Then I printed off the words I wanted at the right size.

I taped them behind the glass to use them as a guide.

Then I started painting till my heart was content.

After I finished the letters I used the Martha Stewart stencils and the foam pouncers to add more decoration to the art.  This part was so easy and cool.  (Tip: If you decide to try painting on glass, the satin paints works a lot better on glass than the pearl ones.)

The products were really fun to try out.  They are all so pretty and smart.  Here are a few more views of the art.  It's a tricky one to take pictures of, being glass.

(Steal a sneak preview of an upcoming post this week in this picture below.)

You can find all the products I used HERE at Plaid.  You can also find Plaid in these places: Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Thanks for dropping in.


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