July 06, 2012

Mommy School in Action - part 4

Here are a few ideas from Mommy school this week.  We've been having a lot of fun and I don't think the boys even realize they're learning things :)  Also, you might realize they are often in muscle shirts and undies in many of these posts.  That's because Mommy school is usually the first thing we do after breakfast in the morning.  They get kind of excited about it.

1) Addition with Pop-Its and chalk.  I've been doing some basic math with Rex (who is almost 5).  Right now you can buy these Pop Its on clearance since the 4th is over.  My boys think they are so fun and I used them for our math lesson.

I put different quantities of Pop Its in the squares....

....and then Rex would write the problem out below.  He could move them all to the last square to help him answer the problem and then write the answer.  When he got it right, he got to pop them.

Baden isn't ready for math yet, but I quizzed him on shapes while Rex was doing the math.  "Stand on the circle." "Which shape is orange?"  

"What color is the oval?"  That way he actually got to work on colors as well and at the end I added numbers to the shapes to keep it interesting.

2)  One of you kind readers reminded me about doing crayons with watercolors.

We talked about why the crayons repel the watercolors.

We took it a step further and I showed them how oil and water don't mix.  They had fun stirring and trying to get them to mix and then watching them separate.

3) Numbers with MegaBlocks.  (I got this idea from another blog, but I cannot find it again!)  I had Baden (who just turned 3) wheel out his MegaBlocks and truck he got for his birthday.

I had him count the number of bumps on each block.

Then he had to place the blocks by the right number sign.

When I do a lesson that's more for one age child I try to plan something easier for the other.  For example, this lesson was more for Baden so I printed of the Star Wars preschool back HERE for Rex.  There are some activities that work great for both of them, but there are others that don't.

And that's the best of Mommy school this week.  Thanks for reading.


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