July 20, 2012

Mommy School in Action - part 5

We missed Mommy School posts the last couple of weeks, but I still have lots more to share with you.  Here are a few of our recents favorites.

1) Texture Books.  We found this idea HERE on Not Just Cute, but it's a guest post from Tinkerlab.  We made little books for the boys, which I actually made like Dana's HERE, folding the papers and sewing down the middle.

Then the boys and I went on a walk to capture some textures.  We talked about what texture means and then hunted throughout our neighborhood.  It was fun to take a walk, looking at our neighborhood in a different way than I normally do.  When we found something cool we set a page of our book over it and colored it with the crayon on it's side.

Rex (5) really liked this activity and Baden (3) did too, but he needed a little help holding the crayon sideways to color it.  Here were some of our favorite textures.

It was an easy activity.  It's one you can do quickly with supplies you already have.

2) Will it float?  This activity was recommended by a helpful reader who is a kindergarten teacher.   (Thanks, Holly!)  The boys loved this one.  We filled up a large plastic bin and gathered random items from our home that could get wet.

We guessed which ones would float and then dropped them in.

This one was great for both boys.  It would be a great activity to do outside and then they could play in the water, but it was raining the day we did it.

3) Polka Dots and Color Blots.  My sister gave me a heads up about a cute science experiment book that was in the dollar bin at Target.  We found it and bought it.  It has lots of cute, simple ideas.  For this idea we took a paper towel (preferable a thick one) and folded it in half.

We drew dots all over it with washable markers.  (They can't be permanent.)

Then we dipped out fingers in water....

....and let a drop of water fall onto each dot of marker.  It was cool to watch the color spread.

Rex and I got a little more into it and drew a tree with dots for leaves.

It was fun to slowly watch it turn as we dropped the water onto it.

This one is another great, easy idea because you have everything on hand already.

And that's mommy school for today.  We'll have more fun ideas to share next Friday.  Thanks for reading.


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