August 09, 2012

Mommy School in Action - part 9

We're doing the Mommy school today because tomorrow will be a Feature Friday with my mom's new pattern.  I'm excited to show it to you.  Anyhow, here's three of our hits from Mommy School this week.

1) Colored Water Travel.  This experiment was super fun.  I found it HERE.  We took three glasses and filled two with water.  The boys added blue food coloring to one and yellow to the other.

Then we placed two paper towels (still connected) into the glasses like shown, with the empty glass in the middle.

The water begins traveling up the paper towels.

In about thirty minutes you see this.  The water begins to accumulate in the middle glass, making green water.

After an hour or two you see this and another hour later all three cups were evenly filled.  Both the boys and I were pretty excited with this experiment.  We left it out so we could show it off to Mr. Roar when he got home from work.

(Tip: The first time we tried this experiment we only filled the glasses halfway full.  It didn't really work because it wasn't enough water to accumulate in the middle cup.  Be sure to fill them up to just below the top as show at the beginning.)

2) Magic Milk Paint.  We found this in our little science book we got in the bin at Target.  However, there's a better version of it HERE at Modern Parents Messy Kids (and she found it HERE) that we ended up using the second time.  You just put some milk (preferably whole) in a bowl.  Add drops of food coloring in various places.

Dip a toothpick into dish soap and then dip it into the colors.

The soap disturbs the surface tension and pushes the colors away.  My pictures don't do it justice.

The boys did lots of layers of it and then had fun swirling the toothpick around to make cool designs. 

3) Homemade Kazoos.  You definitely have all these supplies on hand.  For instructions we went HERE.  You just cover the end of a toilet paper roll with wax paper, using a rubber band to secure it.  You also need to poke a small hole in the middle of the roll.  Then use it like a kazoo.  I probably should have invested in ear plugs before this activity, but the boys loved it.

To add some additional learning, I wrote a number on a dry erase board and then had them blow their kazoos that many times.  I used smaller numbers for Baden and larger numbers for Rex.  It helped their number recognition, but I thought it was also good for them to have to "act out" the number and verbally show how many it was.  They really enjoyed it.

And that's Mommy school for this week.

- Ever wanted to make your own light switch plate?  I thought THIS was really cool.

- Would I be totally crazy if I put fake plants in the planters by my front door?  I have a gift for killing plants it seems.  What's the opposite of a green thumb?  A red thumb?  That's what I have.


Michelle said...

Cheri, I have SO enjoyed your Mommy School posts! They're great!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

One of my neighbors puts fake flowers in her flower bed in her yard. If she can get away with that, you can get away with putting fake plants in your planters. :)

The milk idea looks really cool!

Tommie @ Ilene Books said...

You can do a similar trick with the milk using shaving cream instead. The great thing about the shaving cream is you can then transfer the colors to make fake marbled paper. Its super cool.

Lora said...

Not crazy to put fake plants in planters unless you periodically put larger ones in the planters to make it look like they are growing. A lady in the town where I went to college did this with little Christmas trees and I was very creeped out by it!

Palak said...

Love, love, love the new blog design!!!! ok, now I'll go back and read the post.

emilyg007 said...

The opposite of a green thumb is a black one. I know this, because I have one, too. Your school ideas look super fun!

~ko said...

Haha! I think it's called a black thumb ;) And there are some fake plants that look very "real". I say give it a try! My boys are going to love the homemade kazoos, thanks for the fun ideas!

Sarrilly said...

These Mommy school posts are so much fun! Now that my boy is 1, I'm looking forward to when we can start using some of these ideas at home too :)

With plants, I have the same thing! I always called it a brown thumb, but I've also heard black thumb. My husband and I both hate weeding so much that we've joked about uprooting our shrubs in the front of our house and just planting fake ones...hehe. It would probably work until wintertime.. ;)

The Miller Five said...

I love these! I am totally doing them tomorrow with my little man and my teenagers! What fun! Absolutely go with fake plants. I cannot keep a plant alive to save my life!

Aunt Mary said...

Tommie, do you have a link to a pictorial of this, using shaving cream. I am not understanding. I think I would like to try both with my 3 y/o grandson. Thanks

Curt said...

i think everyone that reads your blog would ealize that your faux plantings would be tastefully done. Frankly, i would much rather see faux than weedy or brown plant filled planters. go for it. it is one of those things that if you do not like it you can easily yank them out

Shannon said...

You could put in fake flowers and no one would think twice about it because I'm sure you would do it well, but you're so darn creative I bet you could find something else. So, I would ask you first:

What kind of plants are your thinking of? What have you tried so far? (flowers, greens, bushes, herbs)
What is the level of sun/shade/ability to water? How large and how many planters?

Then, if you decide to get away from flowers what about making some art for the space? Found objects or paintings or a neat new house number (again, depending on the available space).

Handri said...

For the planters, how about something like this topiary:

or a sphere covered with moss like these:

iammommahearmeroar said...

Thanks for the links, Handri! I love them and I think I really will go with one of those options. Thank you so much!


WillyJacks said...

I did the same thing (and for the same reason) in the two planters by my front door. I got 2 pyramid-shaped trellis', 2 grapevines (purchased swirled up in a coil from the craft store), and some fake greenery (fern-looking stuff). Put it all together and viola! I will also occassionaly switch the greenery part out for holiday decor--red, white and blue stuff for Memorial Day thru 4th of July, fall items, spring flowers, etc. The trellis' add important height and structure. I love mine and hope you do, too! Three cheers for no watering cans!!

Tommie @ Ilene Books said...

Mary, this is a pretty good tutorial: Its really easy and fun to do.


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