10 Best 24 Volt Battery Powered Ride on Toys 2024 – Top Picks

If you have kids, consider buying them ride on toys. They are fun and easy to use. 24 Volt battery powered ride on toys are a great way to introduce your child to the fun. Even though there are plenty of ride ons in the market, few of them may be appropriate for your child. The variety of options in the market may overwhelm you so you need to know exactly what to look for.

Riding outside can be an exciting adventure for kids of all ages. Children spend most of their time indoors at school or at home. Being outside is just as fun as it is good for their health. Even though you still need to supervise them while they play outside, they get some sense of freedom and adventure playing outdoors. The article will make your shopping experience much easier for you.

We have compiled a list of some of the best 24 volt battery powered ride on toys and information about their main features, recommended ages, and more. Find a simple toy that suits the age and preferences of your child.

Top Choices for 2024

Below, you will find our picks of the best 24V ride on quads and cars for kids to enjoy. There is sure to be something here to suit your child’s tastes and interests.

1. 24V Rocket Dune quad

This ride on toy is suitable for kids of ages two to six and a maximum weight of 80lbs. The design is beautiful and it has two drive motors. It is bigger and stronger than ride on toys on the same range and the performance is great. Some of its features include;

• Four Eva rubber wheels

• Lifelike lights

• Two speeds

• Brake pedal

• Horn

• One seat

• AC charger and 24V 10AH battery (included).

This beautiful little car is made for the child who likes riding in a good automobile. It is made with durable, high-quality material and the craftsmanship is excellent. One of the most amazing things about this toy is its music interface which includes USB inputs, MP3, SD, and built-in speakers. It comes with LED lights which are just as beautiful as they are functional.

This is an image of green quad rocket sport 24V

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2. Say Yeah Mini ATV

Does your child like to play outside? Then this may be the perfect little car for them. The electric quad four-wheel car is made for children (especially girls) of ages three to eight and the maximum load capacity is 165lbs. It is great for outdoor use because it can resist rough terrain. The design is cute and playful and it has excellent power and range. Some of its features include;

• 36V battery

• 500W motor (brush motor)

• Shock-absorbent suspension package

• All-terrain rubber tires

• Working headlights

• 6” wheels

• Disc brakes

The battery takes an average of seven hours to charge fully and the speed is five mph or eight to ten mph depending on the parental control. The little car is made to look like the smaller version of an ATV. It, therefore, gives your child the true joys of owning and driving their own ATV. Its features focus a lot on durability, stability, and control.

This is an image of mini ATV kids quad 4 wheels with military and black color theme

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3. Big Toys 24V Mini Quad

One of the best features of this toy is its simplicity. Even though it is not for children under the age of five, it is very easy to control. It is pretty fast and it lasts long. The quad is made with high quality material which is impressive for a toy. It has a shock for the rear and independent shocks for the front. The tires are great for traction and the toy is generally study. Some of its features include the following.

• It has two speeds which you can select by key

• 13” knobby pneumatic tires

• Headlight

• Safety foot switch

Get your child little ATV and let them drive around in the driveway or backyard. It works great on dirt trails, over bumps, and on smooth terrain without any trouble. Even though the battery takes long to charge, it gives you child longer ride times.

This is an image of mini quad 4 wheels in blue color

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4. Kids Electric ATV

If you want to introduce your children of ages six and above to driving, consider the Kids Electric ATV. It is a simple yet fun toy made with high quality steel frame which can accommodate a maximum of 180lbs. The average speed is six to 25mph. It is mostly popular for its spacious legroom and ease to control. There is a front and rear mechanical disc brake and the electric motor is 5000w. Features of the little car include the following;

• It is pollution free

• Double swing arm

• An automatic chain drive transmission

• Seat height: 482mm

• Variable twist-grip throttle

• Maximum charge time; five to six hours

This is the perfect toy if you are looking for simplicity, affordability, and great performance. It is a great toy for your child to learn about responsible riding.

This is an image of mini quad with 4 wheels 24V in orange color

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5. Xtremepower Mini Outdoor ATV

As the name implies, this toy is very powerful despite its size. It is a great toy for children of age six and above and the maximum weight limit is 165 lbs. It is an average bike with the dimensions 43.3″ x 25.6″ x 22.8″ (L x W x H). The frame is made with quality high-tensile steel. Some of its main features include;

• Speed of six or 12 mph which can be adjusted

• Maximum speed control key

• Front light

• Air-filled rubber tires

• Twist style handle bar

• Motor power: 350W

The toy charges for six to eight hours and it is a great way for your older kids to have some fun in your backyard. It is durable and the style is made to look like a real ATV.

This is an image of mini ATV quad for outdoor playing in red color for kids

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6. Pink ATV by Xtremepower

This electric quad is made to give your child maximum satisfaction. It is a great way for your child to transition from the smaller, slower wheels to the faster quads. Some of its features include the following;

• Speeds of six and 12 mph (adjustable)

• Parental max speed control key

• Air-filled rubber tires

• Chain twist style handle bar

• Dimensions: 43.3″ x 25.6″ x 22.8″ (L x W x H)

• 350W motor power

• 12” diameter tires

This toy is appropriate for children of ages six and above and a maximum of 165lbs. The average charging time for the battery is six to eight hours. It has high-quality tires for maximum tractions so your children can enjoy quality time driving around. The toy has an upgraded smart charger and indicator lights.

This is an image of mini Quad electric 24V in pink color For outdoor kids

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7. V-Fire Electric ATV Quad

This toy is designed to give your children an authentic riding experience. It looks just as good as it feels. With the parental speed control key, it is possible to keep an eye on the maximum speed for the safety of your child. The Sonora ATV is the perfect way for your child to get out of the house and make some good memories. Its 350 watt power guarantees you of some excellent performance and the frame is made from high tensile steel. The steel is made to withstand high levels of strain without breaking apart. Some of its top features include the following;

• 350W motor power

• Chain drive system

• Knobby pneumatic 12” tires

• Headlights

• Forward and reverse

• Charging time: six to eight hours

• Front and rear disc brakes

This toy is appropriate for children of ages eight and above. It is a great way to introduce your child to some speed and action as they transition from smaller, less powerful toys.This is an image of Electric quad 4 wheels in spiderman theme for kids 24V

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8. V-Fire Four Wheeler Ride On

It is easy to impress your child with this ride on because it is designed to look and feel like the real ATV. It is available in a wide variety of colors so you can always find something to suit their preference. The 350W power ATV is created to give your child the best outdoor experience. It is a great way to make new memories.

It is durable because of the high tensile steel that is used. The metal can resist exposure to strain without breaking. The parental speed control key gives you the option to set the maximum speed for your child’s safety. Some features of the toy include the following.

• Padded single rider seat

• 6” tires

• 350W brush motor

• A maximum speed of six or 12 mph

The maximum load capacity of this toy is 165lbs and it is appropriate for children of ages eight and above.

This is an image of Electric quad 4 wheels for kids in black color

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Our Best Pick

The XtremepowerUS ATV Outdoor Electric Titan 24V 350W 2 Adjustable Speed Pink is our best pick because it looks just as good as it works. It is made to give your kids satisfaction as they transition from smaller to faster quads. With the parental max speed control key, it is possible to regulate the maximum speed of the toy for your child’s safety. The maximum weight capacity is an impressive 165lbs and it has the reverse option.

This beautiful toy is appropriate for children of ages six and above. The tires are great for traction and they will give allows your child to have lots of outdoor fun. We like it because it is powerful and affordable. It is, however, important to note that different people have different preferences. You may find that other toys are more appropriate for the needs of your child.

This is an image of mini ATV quad for outdoor playing in red color for kids

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Best Budget Buy

We feel that the MotoTec 24v Mini Quad v2 is a great choice. It gives you a lot at a lower price. The toy is just as great on dirt trails as it is on your backyard. It is the ultimate choice for kids of ages five and below. This toy has front and rear suspension, 13” knobby pneumatic tires, and plenty of desirable feature. Its new features include forward and reverse, two selectable speeds, and headlights.

This ATV is great for young riders because it does not exceed 10 mph. It is very easy to assemble and the traction is great even on grassy areas. The speed and torque are great. The only downside is that it does not have reverse.

This is an image of mini quad 4 wheels in blue color

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Considerations When Buying 24 Volt Ride on Toys

One of the reasons why kids love battery powered ride on toys is because they feel like real cars. Getting your child their first ride on toy is a great way to encourage them to be independent, have fun, and build trust. Failure to buy the right 24 volt ride on toy for your kid may rob them of all the joy they could be having. Some of the most important things to consider include the following:


Quality is the first and most important thing to consider. Find a toy that is reliable and durable. If you want your child to use it outdoors, check to ensure that it is appropriate for outdoor use. Research on its life-span and check the review of previous buyers.


The cost of the toy you choose should match its quality. Do some research to find the highest quality at the lowest price. You do not have to spend a lot of money to find an appropriate 24 volt ride on toy for your child.


Consider the amount of time and effort you are willing to spend on the finding a ride on toy. If, for example, your child likes to ride through hills or over puddles, find a toy that is suited for those activities. Water can damage the batteries if it gets too close. The goal is to find the right toy for the needs of your child.

How fast does a 24v ride on go?

The speed of a ride and go depends on its battery and motor sizes. Smaller sizes are made for small children and bigger sizes are made for older children. The 24 volt ride on falls on the latter category. It is suited for older kids aged six to nine.

The maximum speed is 6 mph. 24V ride ons are a great choice for kids who like to drive on gravel surfaces, up hills, and on grass. Generally, the voltage of a toy is directly related to its power. Toys of high voltage such as the 24v are faster than toys of a lower voltage. Contrary to what most people think, weight is not an accurate determinant of power.

What are the ages for Power Wheels?

Do not purchase a ride on toy without considering the age of your child. The age determines the battery voltage and power of the toy. Lower voltage is appropriate for younger kids.

If your child is of ages two to four, the appropriate ride is 6V. Such toys are great for use on smooth surfaces and their maximum speed is three mph. The toys can run for an average of 50 minutes.

12V toys are great for children of ages three to six. Their maximum speed is five mph. They are appropriate for use on tarmac or gravel and they can run for one to two hours.

For children of ages six to nine, ride on toys of 24V are appropriate. Their maximum speed is six mph and they are appropriate for use on gravel, hills, and tarmac. The toys may operate for an average of two to four hours.

Ride on toys of 36V are great for children of ages seven to ten. Their speed is an impressive 15 mph and they are appropriate for all outdoor use.

We advise against buying electric ride on toys for children younger than the age of 2 years old. They may not have the balance that is needed to ride on the toys. Do not let your child play on a ride on if they are unable to control it properly.

How long do 24 Volt battery powered power wheels last?

The voltage of a ride on toy has a direct impact on the amount of time you can get from it after a complete charge. For a 24 volt battery, you need an average of 18 hours for a regular charge. The first charge does not take much longer. The average battery life may be two to four hours.

24V batteries are not the same when it comes to the motor’s power usage. Some 24V ride on toys have 12V motors which have long battery life. This is because lower power motors do not consume much power.

If you want your child to get the best from their toy, invest in an extra set of batteries and keep them fully charged. An important thing to note is that these batteries can be very sensitive. If you leave them to charge for too long, they may be damaged permanently. The result may be reduced performance or complete failure.

Here are some other awesome models: