12 Best LEGO Spiderman Sets 2024 – Top Picks

Marvel’s SpiderMan is hugely popular with both kids and adults, so naturally there is a whole range of Spiderman toys, gifts and merchandise relating to the superhero. There are many different Spiderman LEGO sets out there for all Marvel fans.

You need to find what one seems best to fit your needs or the person you are buying for. All LEGO spiderman mini figure sets are completely different in their own way but are all super fun and enjoyable to build.

Considerations When Choosing a LEGO Spiderman Set

Spiderman LEGO

When you think about buying your child a Spiderman LEGO kit, there are multiple things you should consider first. You need to consider what sort of theme is your child is interested in, whether that is adventurous or calm and quiet, there is something for everyone.

You need to consider age limits on the boxes, they are there for a reason. Some building sets are much harder than others, other sets have extremely small parts which are a choking hazard to young children. You also need to consider how long it will keep them entertained for, get them something a little bit more challenging but not hard enough for them to become frustrated.

Is the set you are buying educational in any way? Some LEGO sets can improve your child’s fine motor skills. Here are the best LEGO Spiderman sets in 2024!

Best LEGO Sets in 2024

1. Spiderman Bike Rescue

Spiderman Bike Rescue is an action-packed LEGO building kit that is suitable for girls and boys aged 6 years and up. This set retails at an affordable price and is said to be worth every amount. You can build the Spiderman bike like never before with non-stop mini-figure carnage, from blowing up the amazing power generator, a tech spider shooter and a web gun for more play dimension!

This LEGO kit has 235 pieces and includes 3 iconic mini-figure superheroes, Spiderman, a Carnage figure, and Miles Morales. It also comes with assorted elements to customize your creations, weapons, and characters. The LEGO Marvel Spiderman Bike Rescue can even be built together with any other original LEGO bricks and LEGO toys for a more imaginative and creative play. This LEGO set makes an excellent gift to kids and has hours of fun.

this is an image of a Multicolor Lego Marvel Spider-Man bike building set for kids.

2. Spiderman’s Spider Crawler

Spiderman’s Spider Crawler is a LEGO building kit for boys and girls aged 7 years and up and retails at a moderate price. This building kit 99 figure with assorted elements, a Spiderman figure, Sandman with a sand mallet, a sand base that opens up and reveals hidden diamond elements inside, and Vulture with a stud-shooter and creative buildable wings.

This toy is a lifelike spider-crawling invention. Kids and adults will love creating their own stories and games as Spiderman 2099 and Spiderman battle Vulture and Sandman. It is a brilliant gift for all LEGO Marvel fans and has hours of imaginative fun. This is not suitable for children under the age of 3 due to small parts.

this is an image of a 418-piece LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Crawler building toy for kids

3. Marvel Spider Mech vs Venom

Marvel Spider Mech vs Venom is an action-packed and exciting LEGO Marvel building set for boys and girls aged 8 years and up. It retails at a bit of a pricier price but well worth the money.

You build the spider model that features a web shooter and gripping claw. Battle and save Aunt May from Venoms gripping claws! This awesome construction LEGO toy for kids comes with a whopping 604 pieces including 4 superhero mini-figures, Spiderman, Aunt May, Venom, and Ghost Spider with stud shooters on a hoverboard.

Kids will love creating their very own imaginative superhero stories in this action-packed toy. Marvel Spiderman Spider Mech vs. Venom building kit, can be built with all other LEGO building sets and bricks for creative gameplay. This kit makes an excellent gift for any occasion with lots of long-lasting fun. It is not suitable for children under the age of 3 due to choking hazards.

this is an image of a 604-piece multicolor LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Vs. Venom building toy for kids.

4. LEGO Juniors Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Juniors Marvel Super Heroes is a fun-filled LEGO building kit for girls and boys between the ages of 4 and 7. The kit includes 125 pieces and comes with 2 superhero figures, Scorpion and Spiderman. It retails at a very moderate price and is great for a birthday or holiday gift. It is easy to build and is a great starter LEGO set with quick-start bases and a very simple guide to get you playing fast.

In this kit, you get to build your very own alley wall with opening windows, a rooftop, a Scorpion vehicle, and a Spidey-car that has portable legs. Launch a big web and web balls to catch Scorpion. LEGO Juniors Marvel Super Heroes is easily compatible with all LEGO sets and can be built and played together with any other LEGO building toys or bricks. It makes an amazing gift for children for any occasion.

this is an image of a 125-piece LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street Showdown building set for kids.

5. LEGO Marvel Car Chase

LEGO Marvel Car Chase is an action-packed set or boys and girls ages 4 years and up where you can build and learn astonishing role-play. It retails at an affordable price and is an excellent starter set for youngsters.

The LEGO kit includes 52 building pieces, 2 Marvel Universe mini-figures, a Green Goblin figure and Spiderman figure, a pumpkin bomb, a money sack, and a stolen $100 banknote! Build the rapid Spiderman car with a spider web and a brick base to swiftly get your child building and making thrilling, fun adventures. Building the Spiderman car is rewarding and straight forward. LEGO Marvel Car Chase makes an excellent gift for any occasion that all kids will adore.

this is an image of a 52-piece multicolor LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Car Chase building toys for kids.

6. Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man Far From Home is a 471 piece lego set for boys and girls aged 7 years and up. It retails at a higher price than others but it is worth every amount. It includes 4 new Marvel Universe mini-figures Peter Parker with a changeable LEGO Spiderman head, Hydro-Man with a water base, a Mysterio figure with 2 power energy elements and an MJ. It also includes 9 webs to customize your creations, weapons, and characters, how you like.

You build a beautiful Venice scene, starring a detailed cafe, a bridge, and a gondola. Activate the amazing explode functions to carry out an entertaining Hydro-Man attack. Young children will enjoy playing role-play as Peter Parker and others to protect and defend Venice against Hydro-Man!

The cafe and bridge have exploding functions to make the mini-figures go flying! This is highly entertaining and full of laughter. You can build Hydro-Man’s water base as high or low as you like, allow your child’s imagination to run wild! This is an exceedingly good gift for any occasion with hours of fun.

this is an image of a 471-piece LEGO Marvel Spider-Man ar From Home: Hydro-Man Attack building toys for kids.

7. Duplo Super Heroes Spiderman and Hulk

Duplo Super Heroes Spiderman and Hulk is an easy beginner LEGO set for kids between the ages of 2 and 5. It retails at a moderate price and is sure to be a toy that all young children will love. This LEGO set includes 3 figures, Hulk, Spiderman, and Sandman. It stars Spiderman’s super cool motorbike and garage and even features Hulk’s laboratory.

Other accessories included are things such as a spade, a briefcase, a wrench, and a flexible Spiderweb! The aim of this LEGO set is for the amazing Hulk to fix Spiderman’s motorbike with a wrench in his awesome garage as Spidey watches the important radar in Hulk’s laboratory. You need to help Hulk smash his way through the sand bricks with his spade and cast Spiderman’s web to help catch Sandman before he escapes with a stolen briefcase from Spiderman’s garage!

This is the perfect gift for youngsters who are interested in LEGO and it will help them master their construction skills and develop fine motor skills!

this is an image of Spider-man, hulk and sandman LEGO Duplo super hero figures for kids.

8. LEGO Super Heroes ATM Heist

LEGO Super Heroes ATM Heist is a fun-filled, action-packed LEGO toy for kids between the age of 6 and 12. It is perfect for any young LEGO Marvel fan and retails at an exceedingly moderate price. The set includes multiple features such as 3 superhero mini-figures, two masked robbers and Spiderman, weapons such as the robber’s gun with a chain to drag away the ATM, and Spiderman’s 3 power blasts, a bank, and a getaway bike.

Each of the figures has an amazing mask decoration of Captain America and the Hulk! The bank features an easy opening door, 2 ATM machines, an exploding window, spider web, lego cash, and a fire hydrant outside. This is great for anyone and kids can play with their friends for hours!

this is an image of a LEGO Super Heroes ATM Heist Battle building set for kids.

9. Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge

Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge is an entertaining and action-filled LEGO building kit for kids between the age of 8 and 14 years. It retails on the pricier side but is great to add to a LEGO Marvel collection. The set includes 7 iconic superhero characters such as Spider-Girl, Spiderman, Scorpion, Aunt May, Scarlet Spider, Green Goblin with your very own goblin glider featuring 2 stud shooters and movable wings, and Kraven the Hunter.

The aim of this construction set is to battle on New York City bridge between Spiderman and his team, and his menacing enemies! Detachable suspension cables, a movable roadway, Spidey’s web prison, Kraven the Hunter’s secret lair, smash- apart signposts, secret trap door, and much more are all featured on the bridge. This is an amazing LEGO Marvel set and is a perfect gift for all occasions.

this is an image of a LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge building toys for kids.

10. Iron Spiderman Infinity War

Iron Spiderman Infinity War is an original LEGO standing figure for all kids. It retails at an extremely affordable price and is the perfect toy to add to a collection. This is a very popular fictional character featured in Avengers Infinity War and it is very stylish. It comes well wrapped in a clear bag. Iron Spider-Man will make the perfect gift for any occasion and any child will love it. It is not suitable for children under the age of 3 due to small parts.

this is an image of a LEGO Iron Spider-Man from Infinity War Building sets for kids

11. Micro Spider-Man and Thor Bundle 

The Micro Marvel Spider man and Thor Bundle is a stacking LEGO kit for kids between the age of 5 and 12. It retails at an amazingly affordable and cheap price and is great for youngsters getting interested in LEGO. The set includes characters such as Sandman, Scarlet Spider, The Mighty Thor, Spiderman, and more!

The set also includes Scarlet Spider’s spade, spider jet with a booster and jet wings, Sandman’s sand loader and mallet, Thor’s mighty car with 2 adjustable wings, Thor’s cape, Loki’s helmet, and lot’s more! This awesome bundle comes individually packaged in plain white LEGO boxes. This is a brilliant gift for any LEGO fan.

this is an image of a 168-piece LEGO Micro Spider Man and Thor building set for kids.

12. LEGO Juniors Spider Car Pursuit

LEGO Juniors Spider-Car Pursuit is a Marvel LEGO building set suitable for children between the age of 4 and 7 years. It retails at a super moderate price and includes characters such as Spiderman and Venom. They also come with weapons such as Venom’s black whips and Spiderman’s spider web. It comes with a super easy to build Spider car with red and blue colors, massive chunky tires, and flames!

Easy and simple to read instructions are also included for youngsters to help develop cognitive skills. Avoiding Venoms whips, you need to capture him in the web! This is a brilliant LEGO set for kids with hours on end of fun and laughter.

this is an image of a LEGO Juniors Spider-Car Pursuit building set for kids.

Top LEGO Spiderman Game

The overall best LEGO Spiderman set is Duplo Super Heroes Spiderman and Hulk because it is a super easy beginner’s LEGO set and is an extremely moderate price. It is great for youngsters and anyone who is begging to get an interest in LEGO Marvel or to just add it to a collection.

It includes 3 very iconic characters that everyone will love. It is an adventurous and action-packed game full of endless superhero fun. This set helps youngsters master construction skills and develop their fine motor skills.

this is an image of Spider-man, hulk and sandman LEGO Duplo super hero figures for kids.

What are the Different Types Spiderman LEGO?

There are lots and lots of different types of Spider-Man LEGO. Some include hours of imaginative building, missions, already built figures, challenges, heroic, and many more.

At What Age Will My Child Enjoy These Lego Toys?

Depending on what LEGO Marvel Superheroes set you to decide on purchasing if it is in your child’s age rating and they are interested then they will enjoy it straight away!

What Are the Benefits of Building These LEGO Models?

There are many benefits you will get from building these creative Spider Man toys, such as young children developing their fine motor skills and constructive skills. It gets builders up and off the couch away from computer games. People can bond and create their own imaginative role-play for hours on end. Enjoy building!

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