May 03, 2010

The Anti-layer Tube Top

Do you have lots of shirts that require a tank top underneath?  Do you hate wearing bulky layers and trying to keep them all in place?  Well, this simple tutorial is just for you.  We're going to use an old shirt to make a tube top to go under your shirt. 

A few months ago, when I made the Sassy Classy Dress, I kept the bottom of the shirt I had cut off.  Well, I found a great way to use that extra scrap.  Here we go.

1) Take your band of fabric and put it on like a tube top.  Mark how much you need to take it in so that it will fit snuggly. 

2) Take in the band by sewing one straight line down it.

3) Cut off the excess fabric.

That's it!  I didn't even hem the other edge, since knit doesn't fray.  I used the hemmed bottom of the shirt as the top of the tube top, to you already have a nice, finished edge that will show.  If you don't have an extra t-shirt to use, you could still easily make this with less than a quarter of a yard of knit fabric.

I sewed mine tight enough that it stays tight to my body even when I bend over.  I love not having to wear another full layer, especially with warmer weather on the horizon.  Now I'm off to make them in some different colors! 

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