October 30, 2010

Soapbox Saturday - CSN Review

This time around when working with CSN Stores I reviewed this baby right here.  It's the Bissell Little Green ProHeat.  We call it the Green Machine around here. 

It's a compact deep cleaner.  It sprays a heated cleaning solution and then powerfully sucks up the liquid.  I LOVE IT.  Why?  Let me give you three huge reasons.

1) When Baden and Rex got the flu a while back neither one of them made it to the bathroom before tossing their cookies.  Need I say more?  No, but I will.  We also found out after Rex got sick in his bed that the waterproof covering I had on his bed wasn't so waterproof.  Nasty.  The green machine gave me some peace of mind after that one.

2) Rex gets bloody noses fairly often.  When he gets one he roams around the house looking for us, leaving a trail.  Not good.  The green machine has also helped us out in those situations.

3) When we moved into this house the carpet on the stairs was filthy.  Replacing it hasn't been in the budget and I've felt embarrassed when people see it.  It's bad.  I decided to see what the Green Machine and a little elbow grease could do.  The stairs don't look new, but they are a LOT better and that makes me really happy.

And that's why I'm hugging my Green Machine.

I'd also hug CSN Stores if I could.  They were reliable as usual.  They let you know when your order has shipped.  Their selection (between their 200 online stores) is amazing.  Thank you CSN Stores.  You guys rock.


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