December 08, 2010

The Superhero Bedroom - Part One

So I've mentioned that I would start working on a Superhero room for Rex after I finished the craft room.    Well, the construction has begun!  Actually my parents have been doing the hard work so far.  I'll show you where it's at right now, but there still is plenty to do.

The room was lavender with this iridescent shimmery layer over the top to begin with. 

It's the only room in the house that hasn't been touched since we moved in.  Well, obviously the lavender wasn't suitable for a manly man so I used the extra paint I had from my craft room.  It's now a pale gray.  Nice.
Next, my dad (who is a saint because he can take my crazy ideas and make them into reality) built the bed.  I have a specific plan here.  It will be painted, but I'm going to leave you hanging for now.  Any guesses? 

There's a stairway, slide, and the boys can play underneath it all as well.  A superhero has to have a secret sanctuary, you know.

Lastly, but definitely not least, my mom painted this ROCKIN' art for the room.  I love it so much I want to scream!  Here's the story behind it.  I saw some amazing vintage-looking superhero posters HERE on Ohdeedoh a while back.  (They are by Michael B. Myers.)  In my mind I planned the whole room around them.  Then when I went to order them I heard that the guy who designed them was forced to stop selling them because he doesn't own the rights to those superheros.  Lame, huh!  Well, I asked my mom if she could replicate them and oh baby did she ever!  Check this out!

Wondering how big the painting is?  Here's a little perspective.  (He's flexing his muscles for you here.  A superhero has to look strong in front of the camera.)

Now, where's the tutorial for today?  Well, I'm leaving you with an idea instead.  Have you ever wanted BIG art like this for a room?  Canvases are super expensive.  Want to know what she used?  A hollow core door!  Woo-hoo!  They come in lots of different sizes.  She painted right onto the door, but you could wrap the whole thing in canvas and you'd have a giant canvas for probably one tenth the price!  Want two?  Cut the door in half and wrap fabric around both of them. 

That's right we're sticking it to the man painting superheros without copyrights and by refusing to buy expensive canvases.  Yeah, I'm a wild, rebelious woman :)

Anyhow, feel free to share the comment love with my mom regarding her mad painting skills or tell me what you think I'm going to paint on the bed. 

And you can sleep well tonight knowing that the world is going to be a much safer place with SuperRex around.

Thanks for reading!  See you tomorrow!

ADDENDUM: If you are looking for the bed plans, you can now find them HERE on my dad's blog.


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