February 03, 2011

The Fairy Blog Mother

A few weeks ago I got an offer I couldn't refuse.  Erika, my very own Fairy Blog Mother offered to give my blog a face lift.  It was something I had been meaning to do, but hadn't gotten around to.  I admitted to her that I would probably be a bit annoying/uptight to work with because I like things "just so."  However, she said she'd still love to do it.  (Signal heavenly choir sound effect.)
So we are interupting our regularly scheduled program today so you can take it all in.  IF YOU ARE IN GOOGLE READER PLEASE COME OUT OF HIDING AND CLICK OVER or you'll miss the party here.  Did she rock it or what? 

If you're looking to take the next step with your blog I highly recommend getting in touch with Erika.  Let me point out some of the things she did.

- New header and background
- New buttons
- Social networking buttons (so you can connect to my new facebook page, subscribe to the blog, etc.)
- Added a signature to the bottom of each post.
- Added the "Share this" at the bottom of each post so you can tweet, facebook, or stumble upon any entries you want to share with others.
- Added a special font for post titles and sidebar titles.
- Made my navigation bar at the top look fabulous.
- Gave me a favicon (tiny picture by the website bar above).
- Put up with my pickiness.
- Did it all quickly, with great communication.

So if you are thinking about making some changes or updates to your blog, head on over to the Fairy Blog Mother.  She's wonderful, kind, talented, and everything a fairy blog mother should be.  Thank you SO much Ericka.  I really appreciate all your hard work.


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