February 15, 2011

Superhero Room - Part 3

BEFORE we get started today I wanted to mention that the final round of Crafting With the Stars is happening right now.  It's down to 3 competitors and my partner is one of them.  Her final project is ridiculously gorgeous and amazing.  So, would you head on over and vote for the last time and then you can come on back?  Please?  Thanks.  Click HERE to check it out.

So the superhero bedroom is almost done!  This is the second to last post.  I've been really excited and grateful to have lots of help and ideas from my parents.  For the bed I wanted a striped quilt, kind of like the ones they have on the kid's beds in Pottery Barn.  So I found fabrics that matched the painting and my mom sewed this fun, bright quilt.  I totally love it!

See how it matches the painting?

She also made this pillow to match.

I bought wooden knobs for the closet and painted them with the Super Rex sign.  Now, if Rex could push the knobs like a button and they read his fingerprint and then the closet doors opened to reveal a secret superhero sanctuary THAT would be cool.  They don't.  Don't get too excited :)

I was trying to figure out what else to put on the walls and then my mom made a great suggestion.  I have this huge picture of a phone booth that I've had for several years.  It doesn't really fit in my house anywhere, but I couldn't get rid of it because I just love it.  My mom reminded me that Superman always used to change into his costume in a phone booth.  She thought I could hang it up and hang a cape next to it.  It actually fits the room perfectly.  Yay!

Lastly, I decided to suck it up and paint the far side of the bed with the cityscape as well.  I didn't take a picture of it completed yet, but this is what I'm talking about below.  (It's the part on the right of Baden.)

Woo-hoo!  Only a couple little things to do and it'll be finished!  I'm pretty sure he's going to like it for years to come.

And one last thing before you go.  Celebrate the Boy starts today.  Yes, it's a month long event on 2 blogs (Made and Made by Rae) and it's all about boys!  I'll be participating one of the days and I'm so excited about it.  Click on the button to check it all out.

Thanks for dropping in.


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