October 06, 2011

Batman Sweatshirt (Gap Knock-Off)

Let's announce some winners before we get rolling today.

The $50 Petite Lemon gift card goes to Jennyroo who said:  So great! Would love to win!

The 2 winners of the T.G.I. Friday's coupons are Leslie who said: You had some great ideas for when to use them. I think I could really use one right now, as I'm eating leftover over-cooked pasta, with no sauce. Blah. Thanks for the chance to win!

and Kathy - mom of many who said: The first occasion I thought of was BABYSITTER!

I was strolling through Gap Kids the other day and I saw this sweatshirt.  It was really cute and very Rex. However, it was pricey and I felt quite confident that I could make it myself.  So, I did.  Here's the Gap one.

Here's mine:

I happened to have this old sweatshirt of Rex's with some odd grease stains on it.  I thought it would be perfect to makeover.  

I cut out a piece of yellow canvas and drew a bat with a washable marker.

Then I put black thread in my sewing machine and stitched back and forth, again and again until I had mostly filled in the bat with stitches.  I would sew a straight line and then turn the fabric 180 degrees and sew the other direction.  Eventually it looked like this.

I cut it into a circle, centering the bat.  Then I stitched it onto the sweatshirt, covering the little red thunderbolt that was originally on it.  I used a small, tight zigzag.

After one washing the orange marker was gone and the canvas had frayed, giving it that patch look.

The rest was easy and fun.  I whipped out a black fabric marker and mimicked the designs and words.  I put then in a different location than the original sweatshirt, trying to disguise the strange stains on the shirt.

I also mimicked the design they had on the back.

So, it turned out to be a free sweatshirt.  Win - win, baby!  Rex actually liked it so much he insisted on wearing it even though it's been really hot here.  He was in a full sweat wearing it a couple of days ago and I asked him if he wanted to take it off and cool down.  He refused.  I was kind of flattered :)

And now we're just waiting for the cooler weather.  I'm so anxious to bust out a long sleeve tee!  I love layers and I'm sick of looking at my glow-in-the-dark legs that never got tan this summer.

Anyhow, thanks for dropping in.  See you tomorrow.


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