December 12, 2011

Neighbor Gift Idea - Santa 'Staches

I guess my husband's recent 'stache has resurrected our mustache fettish around here.  I was trying to think of an easy, inexpensive neighbor gift idea and I wanted to use the mustache molds we had somehow.  My sister suggested making them white like Santa.  So, the Santa 'Stache Gift was born.

They are super easy to make.  And to get them ready to give out I put them in a little plastic bag and added a little tag.......

Here's a close up of the graphic on the label.  (You can click on it to enlarge it and then right click and save it if you want to use it.)

I bought the molds at Bake It Pretty a couple of years ago, but they aren't currently in the shop.  You could also do mustache cookies.  (I might be making some of those soon too.)

The white chocolate suckers are a child-pleaser.  Warning:  Holding them on your face for a long time while your mom tries to get a good picture.......

....can cause melting :)

But, it's worth it.

Thanks for dropping in.  See you tomorrow.


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