December 05, 2011

Personalized Cards for other occasions

This year I received a credit for 50 free Christmas cards from Shutterfly.  Let me be honest.  I don't really have 50 people to send cards to.  I really only send them to close family and friends.  I knew it would be a waste to print up 50 of them so I started to brainstorm.  I decided to take the family photos that the amazing Katie Dudley took for us and make some other types of cards.

I thought you might like this idea too because sometimes when you order cards, the price drops substantially when you order more.  So we went with this for the Christmas card front:

And as a bonus, their cards let you use another picture on the inside.....

...and there's even a spot for a cute little picture on the back.

So I ordered 25 of those and then came up with some other cards I could use for other reasons.

I used the pictures of Rex with the hat.... make a congratulation-type card.

Here's the back.

Then I took this photo I love of the boys....

...and made it a hope-you're-feeling-better-soon-type of card.

Here's the back.

So instead of wasting the credit, I have cards to use for other occasions.  I also like that I have another way to make use of the family pictures we had taken because I really love them.  Win-win baby!  I think it would be more fun to get a card like this rather than your average generic congratulation card, too.

Tomorrow I have a project that's been in the works a while to show you.  It might involve a nasty desk turned pretty and a crazy switch-a-roo in our home.  See you tomorrow.  Thanks for dropping in.


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