February 11, 2012

Sharing Saturday - Reader's Questions

Yay!  It's time for a Sharing Saturday!  The last one was so fun and you guys shared so many great ideas and tips.  This time we have a couple reader questions.  So read the questions, and tell them what you know in the comment section.

1) from a reader named Laurie:

My toddler {she's 2.5} gets upset when she can't get her way. {what toddler doesn't?} The problem is not with her being upset but with how she expresses her anger. She hits, kicks, punches people {me especially} and throws all her toys on the floor {and at our TV!} There is no calming her down! {at least not anything I have tried has worked} I have tried to give her other options {I have read to let them take it out on playdoh, breathing exercises, clapping hands...etc} but she isn't feeling it. I'd love some suggestions on how to calm her down or avert her anger in non harmful ways. 

2) from a reader named Michelle:

My husband and I have a queen-sized bed.  He steals the covers and moves around a lot at night.  That often means a poor night's sleep for me.  Does anyone have any tips (other than sleeping in separate beds) to help?  Does anyone else share this problem?  

3) and just because I think it would be fun to hear your answers....

What is something you never done before, that you want to do in your lifetime?

Thanks for reading.  I'm excited to hear your answers.


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