August 17, 2012

Mommy School in Action - part 10

This will be our last installment of Mommy school for the summer.  School is on the way and while I still plan on working with my boys, I'll just be following up on what they learn at school, rather than coming up with my own lesson plans.  So here are our favorites from Mommy School this week.

1) River Raft.  I found this idea HERE at Handmade Charlotte.  All you need is cardboard, tape, and empty water bottles.  We didn't have duct tape, but I used packaging tape to laminate the top.

I let Rex decorate a piece of paper, which I set on top of cardboard and then wrapped with packaging tape to seal it.  Then we taped on our empty water bottles.  Since ours were little ones, we had to point them in different directions to balance the raft.

We filled the kitchen sink with water and Rex got out his Squinkies.  They were the perfect toys for this activity.  He was happy to play in the sink with them for quite a while.

Then with a wicked laugh he'd watch them fall off as he turned the water on them.

I let Baden take the raft into the tub with him.  Sometimes homemade toys are so much better than store bought.  The store bought bath toys are so hard to keep mold-free anyhow.  We might just start exploring more bath toys we can make.

2) Rhyming Tree.  I found this idea HERE at No Time For Flashcards.  I drew a tree onto a piece of paper.

I let the boys cut out leaves from construction paper.  Rex is really good at cutting, but Baden had never been allowed to use scissors until now.  They use them at preschool, so I thought I'd give him a little lesson on it.

I wrote a word on each main branch and then wrote rhyming words on the leaves.

Rex sounded out the words on the branches first. For Baden I would read the words on the leaves until he heard one that rhymed with the original word.  For Rex I tried to have him notice which words might rhyme just be looking at the last few letters of the words.  I also had him sound them out.

Then we glued them onto the correct rhyming branch.

I think rhyming is really helpful when kids are first trying to read.  I check out these books at the library for Rex.

They are cute, with fun cut outs, and they help him get used to different word endings.

3)  Money.  I think there are a billion activities you could plan just using money.  Plus, kids take a natural interest in it.  My husband said that he never really liked math or understood it much until he learned about money.  Rex loved learning about money and quickly memorized how many of each coins it took to make a dollar.

I also found some helpful worksheets HERE.

I kept things really simple for Baden and just had him sort the coins into piles.  I had him take a coin from the pile and then flick it to the pile it belonged with.  He liked the flicking :) 

And that's all for Mommy School!  Thanks for stopping by.

- Thanks for your kind comments about the water cooler section here.  I'm so glad you guys are enjoying it!  It's been fun to share some links and chat.

- Does anyone have any questions they need help answering for Sharing Saturday?  It's always fun to have questions from you guys.

- Did you know that swings could be classy and pretty?  I didn't until I saw THESE.


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