October 30, 2012

Halloween and Kid Crafting

This post is a little random, but I thought I'd show you a few little things we've been up to.  I'm not a big "holiday decor" person.  I don't like spending lots of money and time on things I'm only going to have up a couple of weeks.  Call me cheap or Scrooge, but that's how I roll.  (I make some exceptions for Christmas, of course.)

So, we don't have any incredible Halloween decor, but we did some pumpkins.  The boys wanted to paint them this year.  Rex wanted his to look like Ironman so I drew a Sharpie sketch on it and let him paint it.

Baden wanted Hulk, so I let him paint it all green and then we used sticky felt and a Sharpie to do the rest.

My sweet mother-in-law made rice crispy treats (well I guess they are fruity pebble treats) with the boys and I thought she did something pretty cool.  Isn't that fun?

In non-Halloween crafting I let the boys make egg carton caterpillars the other day.  Do you remember making these at school?  They were fun and the boys love any reason to use googly eyes.

And last but not least, Rex has been drawing more and more.  He asks me if I think he's an "artist."  Naturally, the thing he draws most is any super hero.  Ironman is his specialty.  He taped this to the door and asked if we could keep it up forever.  Why not?  It makes me smile.  (Sorry for the ugly cell phone pics.)

Do all of you get really into holiday decor?  

Thanks for stopping in.


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