February 16, 2013

Soapbox Saturday - Staples

A few weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I'd like to review a product from Staples.  I really like Staples, so I jumped on the chance.  Usually when I'm there I'm going for a specific item, but this time I took some time to browse.  

You all know they have printers, office supplies, and a copy center, but this time I noticed a lot more.  They have a ton of great office furniture with a lot of desks and chairs.  They have lots of fun organizational supplies.  They even have safes.  They have a Martha Stewart line of office supplies that's so fun.  There were a lot of items there I stopped to drool on.

So, I decided to review an office chair.  I always think it's hard to find a chair that's comfortable AND good looking.  Then I spotted this baby - the Eastcott chair.

She was the best of both worlds and she wanted to come home with me.  Now I'm trying her out as I write this post and we're already good friends.

Here's what I like about this chair.  It's heavy duty.  The arms and base are made of wood which makes the chair look so nice.

I really like the pretty stitching all around it.

The boys like how it spins.  That's Rex "oooohing" over it.

And while I'm expecting it's nice to have something with better support.  My back currently gets tired really easily.

They also happened to throw in a Staples "Easy" button (which also doubles as an Ironman arc reactor, apparently).  It says, "That was easy," when you push it.  I think I might just have to carry that around the house with me to push in needed moments.  (You know, for when the boys eat their veggies or when my husband puts the toilet seat down.)

So thank you Staples for making my life a little more "easy."

Full disclosure: Staples provided me with this leather executive chair. The words and opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own. To see their full line of office chairs visitStaples.com.

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Andrea said...

The best part is buying the extended warranty -- about $15 on most office chairs and it covers you for ANY damage for 2 years. Get to day 729 and want a new chair? Just bring it in with any damage (it squeaks, isn't comfy, i accidentally set it on fire) and they'll replace it at no charge -- just make sure you repurchase the warranty for the next 2 years!


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