February 07, 2013

The Bathroom Renovation - part 4

First off, I need to announce our Silhouette Portrait winner.  The promo still works until the 14th in case you didn't win and you want to get your hands on one.  Details for the promo are HERE.

Our winner is:

We'll be in touch, Sarah.

We are getting closer with the bathroom, which is seriously thrilling to me.  This week we had our new counters put in and I painted the cabinets.  (Well, half of them.  I still have the other side to do.) 

Here's what the vanity looked like before.  The previous owners had tested a stain on one cabinet front and not the rest.  I decided it was time to give it all a nice coat of paint.

I chose "Anonymous" by Behr.  It's a great true gray.  It doesn't feel like it leans towards purple or blue or pink like some grays can.

I plan on using my finishing wax as a top layer.  It's easy to rub on and it's not too glossy.

And here it is with the new granite counters.  They are a little dark, but the lighter options seemed to try and compete with the flooring too much.  I think once the molding it all up that it will look good together.

We couldn't get the old sink detached from the old countertops without breaking them so we put in new ones.  I picked square ones.

The knobs are all chrome and square, matching the other fixtures in the room.  Some of them arrived in the mail the other day, but not all of them.  Here's a peek.

So what's left on the to do list?  Finishing the board and batten, painting the walls and molding, framing out the mirrors, installing the shower door, and taking a nice, long bath in it to break it in.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow - great job - It looks awesome!!!

  2. it's looking great !

  3. Love the gray color! You are gonna love it so much when it's done!

  4. It is looking GREAT!! I love the grey!

  5. Oh get out!!! I love this! And that grey is gorgeous! Cant wait to see it when it's all finished!

  6. love it!!! can't wait to see the wax on the cabinets!

  7. I think Anonymous is a funny name considering your commentary about it...how it doesn't lend itself to other shades, I'm guessing that was Behr's intention. Maybe I'm reading into it too much. Let me ask, did you prime? I started our vanity in the master bath - in a gray shade but I used chalk paint. Its too similar to the walls and now I need a do over, so just curious. The idea of priming then painting is daunting, yea it's true I'm a pinch lazy.

  8. I love the gray!!!!

  9. Looks really good and I think you are right that the counter top won't be too dark once all is said and done. Is the finishing wax good in an area that gets more water?

  10. Beautiful!!!! I love the grey cabinet and i think your granite is a perfect contrast to everything else in there. I adore the square sink!! i can't wait to see more :)

  11. I'm in love with your choice of tile. Love the shape, size and color. My husband is a tile guy, I had to show him the tile so I get what I want when we buy a house. :)

  12. I love the grey! My husband and I have been considering redoing our bathroom in grey, and this is giving me some great ideas.

  13. Hi! Would you give a bit more info on the finishing wax? I just repainted the cabinet in my kids' bathroom and would love to give a glossy/ protective coat to the paint. I am sure it will see toothpaste smudges and water :)

    1. Yes. I used it in this post and you can see a picture of it there too:


      It kind of does the same thing as polyurethane, but I always feel like polyurethane yellows things so I prefer this wax. You just rub it on in a buffing kind of way. It's not super glossy but I also like that about it. I hope that helps!


  14. Gorgeous! I LOVE the gray you choose and the granite is beautiful. You've done a great job.

  15. So pretty! I can't wait to see it all finished!

  16. OMG! I have had my hands full the last week or so with a sick baby kitty and a slew of ENT appointments for my daughter. So imagine my surprise when I finally was able to come up for air this morning and saw this! So excited, thank you!!

    I have been following your bathroom posts closely, I'm trying to build up the courage to tackle our master bathroom. It's a nice room to start out with but it's so stock boring and I really want to paint our cabinets a darker color to better match the decor. I think I have the color picked out, I just need to jump in and do it! I think it'll be good practice for redoing our kitchen cabinets, I'm just scared to screw them up! Is the paint chalk paint? I'm thinking that might be the way I want to go but I'm not sure how easy it is to use.

  17. I love all of your choices! I am going to be redoing my bath and I seriously could live with everyone of your choices. It will be interesting to see how much they look alike when I'm done :)

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