February 07, 2013

The Bathroom Renovation - part 4

First off, I need to announce our Silhouette Portrait winner.  The promo still works until the 14th in case you didn't win and you want to get your hands on one.  Details for the promo are HERE.

Our winner is:

We'll be in touch, Sarah.

We are getting closer with the bathroom, which is seriously thrilling to me.  This week we had our new counters put in and I painted the cabinets.  (Well, half of them.  I still have the other side to do.) 

Here's what the vanity looked like before.  The previous owners had tested a stain on one cabinet front and not the rest.  I decided it was time to give it all a nice coat of paint.

I chose "Anonymous" by Behr.  It's a great true gray.  It doesn't feel like it leans towards purple or blue or pink like some grays can.

I plan on using my finishing wax as a top layer.  It's easy to rub on and it's not too glossy.

And here it is with the new granite counters.  They are a little dark, but the lighter options seemed to try and compete with the flooring too much.  I think once the molding it all up that it will look good together.

We couldn't get the old sink detached from the old countertops without breaking them so we put in new ones.  I picked square ones.

The knobs are all chrome and square, matching the other fixtures in the room.  Some of them arrived in the mail the other day, but not all of them.  Here's a peek.

So what's left on the to do list?  Finishing the board and batten, painting the walls and molding, framing out the mirrors, installing the shower door, and taking a nice, long bath in it to break it in.

Thanks for reading.


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