October 15, 2013

Address labels, stickers, and a promo

First off, sorry I've been a little MIA.  Things sure get busy around here with 3 little ones.  I promised I'd show you that new sign I painted and then we had a bunch of rainy dreary days where it was too dark to even get a good photo of it.  So, I'll have that up tomorrow and I have a Silhouette promo today.  

This promo is an AWESOME one.  If you're hoping Santa will bring you a Silhouette, I would highly suggest sending him a link to this deal today (wink, wink).  Here are the details and then I'll show you what each product in the bundle is.

Either bundle (Portrait or Cameo) comes with all of this and saves you well over $100.  It's like an awesome sample pack of all the most fun things you'd want to try with your Silhouette. 

·         1 cardstock essentials pack (new product)
·         1 pack printable adhesive kraft paper (new product)
·         1 pack printable clear sticker paper
·         1 pack temporary tattoo paper
·         1 pack printable cotton canvas (new product)
·         1 pack chipboard
·         1 pack printable silver foil
·         1 pack printable magnet paper
·         1 pack double-sided adhesive

 To get the deal just go HERE and use the code "ROAR."

Let me break it down.

The cardstock essentials pack is 12x12 adhesive backed cardstock.  This stuff is great for scrapbooking or I used it once for a large bulletin board I had to decorate for church.  Just stick the letters or shapes right on.  It's great.

The new adhesive kraft paper is similar, but not quite as thick.  I just used some to make address labels yesterday.  I love the brown, natural look.  I can think of a billion uses for this stuff.  (Don't mind the blurred address.  I'm just not taking visitors right now :)

The printable clear sticker paper is pretty fun too.  I made a bunch of stickers for one of the boys' teachers.  I thought it would be a fun little thins to send her way.

We had a lot of fun with the tattoo paper HERE.

I haven't tried the printable canvas or chipboard yet, but they are next on my list.

The printable silver foil is really pretty and great for Christmas gift labels.

I used the printable magnet paper HERE way before I even had a Silhouette.  I made alphabet puzzles with it.

And the double-sided adhesive I used HERE for art in Elsa's room.

And there you have it.  Thanks for dropping in.

Disclosure: The link to the Silhouette store in this post is an affiliate link.

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