October 31, 2013

Sewistry and a Refashion Roundup

Today we have a guest in the house.  There are a handful of people in blogland that I've never met, but I fully "recognize" them when their name shows up in the comment section.  They are the ones who spread joy and kindness with their words.  Palak is one of those.  I've seen her name pop up wherever I go in blogland and she always brings out the best in others.  

Well, she's written a great round up post for us today, but I also want to tell you about a new site she just launched called, Sewistry.  If you sew or want to learn you'll LOVE it.  It's not just about sewing, but also how to sew and save money doing it.  I think it's an awesome idea.

Welcome Palak!

Hello there! I'm Palak, a long time fan of I Am Momma Hear Me Roar and a huge fan of Cheri's! I also blog at Make It Handmade and recently started a frugal sewing site called Sewistry. I'm often asked "Can you really save money by sewing?". We all know that some sewing projects can save you money. But we also have had those projects that end up costing more time and money than we expected. I started Sewistry to showcase those projects that add a little back into our budget!

Fall is the perfect time for refashion projects-- so many cute things to make for my favorite season! As a bonus, refashions are the ultimate frugal project. By using a article of clothing from the thrift store or your own closet, you can make a garment almost for free! Here are some fantastic fall refashion projects and tutorials from around the web.

14 Fun Fall Refashion Ideas from Make It Handmade

1. Laura from Craftstorming made 2 of these adorable sweat pants from a single mens sweat shirt.
2. Farrah from Mingo and Grace created a brand new pair of jeans from two pairs that were to short for her son for the Sewing Rabbit site. She also added in a crayon holster (doesn't every toddler need one?
3. Hats are an absolute must for fall babies. You can sew some much faster than you can knit them using Make It And Love It's Hat's from Old Sweaters Tutorial.
4. Another project to make from old sweaters are these Fingerless Gloves. These can be made by just handsewing if you don't own a sewing machine.
5. This is one of my favorite tutorials: Olga from Kid Approved made her son's favorite tee's last another season by adding long sleeves. It's such a simple idea, but it can really save you from having to buy all new tops for fall.
6. I honestly never considered using girl's clothes for a boy, but this post from Tasha at I Seamed Stressed changed my mind. I love how she 'neutralized' her daughter's baby outfits for her son.
7.  And of course, Cheri is a refashioning queen-- her famous Upcycled T-shirt dresses would be perfect for fall if you used a long sleeved shirt for the top portion.

14 Fun Fall Refashion Ideas from Make It Handmade

8. Farrah from Mingo and Grace also created these fun pajamas from a single swaddling blanket that her kids no longer needed.
9. These slouchy hats are made from a knit sweater by Vixen Made. They are an extremely easy sew with just one seam and pattern piece.
10.  If you are looking for an more involved project, the talented Delia from Delia Creates sewed an entire coat for her little one out of an old sweater. (...and she has a step by step tutorial for us!)
11.Olga sewed up this dress using a men's shirt she found at an outlet store-- so the dress only cost 3.50!
11. The fun Foldover Tote Tutorial shows you how to make a bag that converts from a messenger style bag into a huge tote! Best of all, the bag was made with a curtain that was found in the clearance bin at Ikea.
12. If you have a football fan in your life, you know those old fan t-shirts can't ever be thrown a way. Maiden Jane got smart, and turned those tees into a fun scarf to wear on game day.
13 Celina from Petit a Petit and Family took a cashmere sweater and made them into 4 pieces using every scrap. She also details how she upcycled a sweatshirt for her son in the same post.

If you'd like to see even more refashion projects, you can take a look at the refashion section at Sewistry. Thank you so much for having me over to share some Fall fun Cheri!

Thanks, Palak!  And be sure to check out Sewistry for more fun sewing ideas.  Thanks for reading.


Unknown said...

Awesome roundup! Thanks for the feature

Tasha Early | Glitter+Wit said...

All fabulous ideas! I especially love the hat projects. Thanks for including one of my refashions!

Palak said...

Thank you for the kind words Cheri-- and letting me borrow your blog! You are the best!

Rebecca Holmes said...

Great round up Palak! Lots of fun projects!

Maiden Jane said...

Thanks so much for sharing my scarf here! Refashion is right up my alley! I am off to check out Sewistry!


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