October 16, 2012

Make It Yourself Magazine

Yesterday was a rough one, so instead of a tutorial today I'm going to share something I got a little excited about this week.  My Upcycled T-shirt Dress was featured in Make It Yourself Magazine - a brand new publication by Better Homes and Gardens.  I've never been in a magazine before, so I was kind of happy.

Here's what the cover looks like.  The magazine has a lot of cool projects in it.

They show the dress right on the contents page...

...and then in the article.

Then there's a tutorial for it.  They had me make one in specific colors for the issue and then mail it in.  It's probably a good thing that I didn't need to supply the model or it might have been one of my boys with a wig on :)

I also noticed a couple of projects from friends in blogland.  They showed Jill's car caddy.

I also recognized Anna's cute wallets.

It's a fun publication.  I know it's available at Barnes and Noble and I'm not sure where else.

Thanks for dropping in.

- You HAVE to see the chevron pallet table my dad made my sister.  It's right HERE.  Everyone who sees it drools all over it.

- I had a dream last night that I was leaving the house wearing overalls.  They were like the kind that were cool when I was in middle school.  Anyhow, I asked him if I looked okay.  He told me that overalls weren't "in" anymore and I was shocked in my dream.  Weird stuff.  Hmmmm....


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