November 26, 2013

Garland Advent (on the news)

Hey guys!  For anyone local, I will be on KSL news at noon today.  (It'll probably be around 12:20 and it's a short segment.)  I'm showing this garland advent calendar I made.  

I like how it also serves as a large decor item in our home for the holidays.

It's a take off of my good deed advent, found HERE.

If I can I'll post the segment here after it airs.  All supplies for the craft were purchased at my local JoAnn store and if you need a coupon, there's one at the end of THIS POST that you can use till the end of the month.

Thanks for dropping by.


Please may I? said...

Thats a very impressive garland. Such a nice way to count down.

X x

The Miller Five said...

Are the trees solid or do they open? They look like they could possibly be small boxes.

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Looks cute! I hope my reception comes back in for TV so I can watch I know how to catch it online too though, if it works! :) Good luck and have fun!

Unknown said...

so cute this garland!!!!! I love it, thanks

Stephanie said...

I love how it takes up so much room--a real statement :)


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