25+ Best Gifts for 19 Year Old Boys 2024 – Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy best gifts for 19 year old boys? The review guide has many types of gifts ideal for birthdays and Christmas, so whatever their interest there is something to find in this comprehensive review guide.

Kids grow up pretty fast; once you have nursed them for the first two years, the rest passes so fast it becomes hard to catch up. Before you know it, they have turned 19 and moving out. Every parent wants to celebrate every passing year of their son’s birthday.

Let’s face it, the first ten or so years are blissful; you just need to pick a theme, bake a cake and call a few of your child’s friends to celebrate his birthday. However, once they have entered the teenage years, it gets pretty tricky to pick a gift let alone arrange a birthday party.

You need to come to grips with the fact that they are grown up and have their opinion about everything. Here, you will find insight on how to choose a birthday gift for 19 year old boy as well as some useful gift ideas.

19 year old boy

Considerations When Choosing Gifts

Teen boys are the most difficult lot to buy a gift for. By this age, they have an established personality that firmly likes or dislikes certain traits. As such, you may need to make a list of the best gift ideas and rule them out based on their hobbies, personality and other traits. For example, if your son is an avid gamer, you want to look for a gift that echoes this personality. Here are more tips on how to choose the best gifts for a boy aged 19.

Know his interests: Teenage boys are not used to opening up to their parents or talking about their hobbies, interests or recent activities. It’s even more difficult to initiate a conversation, so how do you find out what they are interested in?

  • Pay attention to what they talk about: For example, they may have asked for money to buy a specific item
  • Ask their friends
  • Follow them on their social media platforms

Choose the right gift card: Once you have some information about what they like, choose a gift card for their favorite store. They have a range of price points and are flexible to allow boys to choose their own gifts.

Determine the amount you want to spend: Retail stores sell gift cards that have different values. However, it can be difficult to decide the actual amount you want to spend on your son. As teenagers grow older, they want more expensive items like laptops, high-quality clothing and smartphones.

Best Gifts Ideas for Teens

1. Bobo Bird Wooden Watch

If your son is a fan of the Bobo Bird watch series, this piece makes a great buy. This specific watch features a mixture of materials like zebrawood, ebony, natural wood, sandalwood and maple. It is lightweight, comfortable when worn and has a smooth feel.

Its appearance is somewhat unique compared to other Bobo Bird watches; the large face dial has an irregular date display and a red display at the number nine for easy daily use. The multi-colored watch band is adjustable to fit your son’s wrist. There are different styles for this piece, such as vintage, classic, casual and modern watches.

this is an image of a wooden watch by bobo bird

2. Survival Kit

Boys are always adventurous hence the need to equip your nineteen-year-old with a survival kit in case of disaster. This survival kit has everything you need to stay alive until an emergency team arrives. These include a tactical flashlight, an emergency blanket, a water bottle clip, a multi-tool including a can opener, pliers and a screwdriver.

The kit has a waterproof casing to keep all the items dry when it is raining. It is lightweight, so very easy to carry when hiking, camping, fishing, backpacking or hunting. The manufacturer also offers 90-day double money back guarantee, so you can be sure of the quality.This is an image of a survival gear kit.

3. Portable Speaker with Power Bank – Editor’s Pick

This is one of the best birthday gifts for 19 year old boy who loves the outdoors. The speaker is Bluetooth enabled (4.2 signal transmission), which allows you to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or other devices. The integrated multi-functional panel means you can play/pause, switch songs and change the volume of the music.

The device is also fitted with two 5W high definition speakers that generate stereo HiFi sound effect and 360-degree powerful bass respectively. What’s more, the speaker has a 4000mAh battery that doubles as a power bank for your smartphone thanks to the USB charging port fitted on the speaker.this is an image of a portable speaker with powerbank

4. Holy Stone HS100 Drone

Your gift ideas for 19 year old boy are not complete without a Holy Stone HS100 Drone. This GPS drone ranks in the same category as the Hubsan H501S, MJX Bugs 5W and the Syma X8 Pro. So, if your teenage one has been longing to have one of these, the HS 100 makes a great buy.

To begin with, it has a black chrome finish that fits every boy’s ideal colour for gadgets. Secondly, it has a Wi-Fi camera with a 1080 P 120-degree FOV that captures high-quality aerial photos and video. The 90-degree adjustable angle allows you to take a selfie in your desired viewpoint.

this is an image of a holy stone drone hs100

5. HP Pavilion Touchscreen Laptop

Any tech-savvy teenager will appreciate the latest HP Pavilion Touchscreen Laptop. It is an eighth generation gadget that means you enjoy the latest processing speed from Intel. Weighing 3.2lbs, it feels heavier than other 2-in-1s.

The 360-degree hinge feature stands out as it allows the device to contort into four forms; you can use it as a laptop, stand, tablet and tent. How cool is that? It’s also pretty generous with ports as it has an expandable Ethernet port, two USB 3.0 ports on the right, a power cord, jacks for fitting a headset and an HDMI port.

This is an image of an HP laptop with stylus pen.

6. Modoker Laptop Backpack for College

If you are looking for gifts for 19 year old male college student, the Modoker Laptop Backpack for College is an excellent buy. The brown leather accents and denim fabric breathe an aura of style and class while its spacious pockets, exterior slots for umbrellas and beverages and the dedicated laptop pouch make it pretty functional.

The honey-comb cushions on the straps make it comfortable to carry for extended periods while the out-facing USB port allows you to charge your smartphone wherever you are. Also, the backpack is pretty spacious as it can easily fit a 15.6-inch laptop.

this is an image of a college backpack with usb charging port

7. Nanrobot Electric Scooter for Adults

The electric scooter is jam-packed with everything you need to get to school, work or the shopping center thanks to its incredible speed of 20 miles per hour. What’s more, the Nanrobot electric scooter has a long-lasting battery as it can last up to 25 miles on a single charge. It has a folding mechanism hence, easy to store and carry.

You will also love the rear hub braking system, which enhances the safety of the rider as it is time-sensitive. It has a waterproof digital display and LCD headlights whose angle of illumination reaches 75 degrees.

this is an image of an adult electric scooter

8. Nakto Electric Bike

If your boy aged 19 is looking for something more functional than an electric scooter, consider buying an electric bike. Nakto ebikes have become pretty popular thanks to their excellent performance, affordability and exceptional quality. The Camel design has two drive modes, pedal-assist and throttle and up to six gears to allow to ride to your desired destination comfortably.

It has a low-step made of steel to make it easy to step on while enhancing durability. Also, the front fork and the saddle have been equipped with shock-absorbers to improve safety and make it easy to ride. You will also love the fact that its removable lithium battery can last for up to 25 miles of cycling.This is an image of an electric bike with helmet and bike lock.

9. What Do You Meme? Party Game

Board games provide an excellent opportunity for you to bond with friends and family. The favorite Scrabble board game may be a little far-fetched while Jenga requires too much thinking. What Do You Meme? Party Game strikes the perfect balance between fun and youthful group activity, so you want to add it to your list of 19th birthday presents.

You get to use the caption cards dealt to you to create the funniest memes in each round. The winner is required to pick a caption card that matches the judge’s card. The package contains 435 cards; 75 are photo cards while 360 are caption cards.

This is an image of What do you meme? family game.

10. Risk Game of Thrones Edition

Any GOT enthusiast will love a board game that depicts this HBO series. The board game features two ways of playing it: Daenerys Targaryen’s rise to power and The War of the Five Kings. The death of Robert Baratheon of Westeros has caused mayhem in the Iron Throne while Daenerys Targaryen has built an army to contest Ghiscari’s rule.

You can play the basic version (Skirmish) to familiarize with the game then move to Dominion, a more advanced version that has in-depth strategic action. The Westeros map is a 3-5 player game while the Essos map requires two players.

This is an image of a Risk Game of Thrones board game.

11. The Maze Runner Complete Boxed Set

This is a must-have gift if your young man is an avid reader. The boxed set contains all the paperback books of the number one New York Times bestselling series: The Maze Runner, the Kill Order, The Scorch Trials, The Fever Code and The Kill Order.

Thomas wakes up in a lift where he only remembers his name. Later he joins other strangers whose memories are also gone in a new home called the Glade. The series tells a story of how Thomas reveals the secret of the maze while fighting to survive in a new and dangerous world.

this is an image of the maze runner book set

12. LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin

The legendary James Bond movies featured the most popular vehicles, including Ford, BMW and Lotus, among others but the iconic 1963 Aston Martin DB5 stood out in the Goldfinger movie. LEGO creator expert has now introduced the 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 that has 1290 pieces.

It has four sets of bags with parts of the car: the first contains the elements of the chassis, the second has the rear sides and the passenger doors, the third contains the side vents fitted behind the front wheels, and the fourth bag has the side-view mirrors attached to sub-assemblies connecting to the body of the car. This LEGO model is not only ideal for birthdays but also Christmas gifts for 19 year old boy.

this is an image of the lego creator james bond aston martin

13. 19th Birthday Shirt

What a better way to celebrate your son’s birthday than to buy a tee that captions all the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds he has lived? The numbers and words are printed on a light, black, double-sleeved T-shirt in red, yellow and cream colors. The T-shirts is 100% cotton and the printed design is made of eco-friendly water-based inks.

14. 19th Birthday Travel Mug

If working on a budget, you should include the 19th Birthday Travel Mug in your list of gifts for 19 year old male. It’s simple, functional and a great companion for teenagers who enjoy traveling or taking coffee while working.

It can hold up to 14 oz worth of liquid so you are sure to keep hydrated till your next fill. The handle is easy to grip and is fitted with a thumb rest. Its outer layer is made of stainless steel for durability, but it also means it is not microwavable. The double wall helps keep drinks hot for longer than a regular mug.

15. Funny 19th Birthday Mug

A typical math geek will appreciate a Funny 19th Birthday Mug that displays his age in the form of a square root. This ceramic cup is microwave and dishwasher safe and holds 110 oz of hot or cold beverages. The beauty of the black print engraved on the container is that it never fades, no matter the number of times you wash it.

this is an image of a 19th birthday mug

Overall Best Buy

We have look at some great presents for 19 year old boy, so it’s hard to determine which is the best! Any teen boy appreciates some good music playing through his phone, home theater or another device.

This is what makes the Portable Speaker with Power Bank our best pick. It is small, affordable, convenient, functional and has two great purposes. Also, it has a compact size that makes it possible to listen to music wherever you are. The built-in speakers allow the user to keep the music low enough without disrupting friends in your space.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Gift for a Teen Boy at Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year, although your teen son might be less interested in meeting with family and more interested in receiving fancy and perhaps expensive gifts. Why not choose something everyone can enjoy together, such as a board or video game, or a LEGO set to challenge the family. Christmas is a time of year for bonding with family, so it’s a great idea to choose gifts which can be used by everyone. This will encourage your son to interact rather than sitting texting or watching videos on his phone!

Best Types of 19-Year-Old Birthday Gifts

Tech Gadgets: Teenagers love having the latest edition of a tech gadget. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or iPod, you can never go wrong with one of these.

Board Games: They make a great gift for teenagers who love hanging out with friends. The Risk Game of Thrones Edition, for example, is an excellent buy for a GOT enthusiast. No TVs, tablets or smartphones are required to enjoy board games – they are great for encouraging social interaction.

Drones: It would be a crime to allow your teenage son to enter his early twenties without owning a drone. The HS drone, for example, enables him to show off his latest adventures to his friends thanks to the high-quality videos and images it captures.

There are some other great gift ideas out there. Check it out: