May 07, 2011

Soapbox Saturday - Little Rulers

Now it's no surprise that I like to make a lot of my boys' clothing.  However, it's always fun to buy and find cool stuff for them too.  I found a shop online that is pretty much exactly how I would dress my boys if I could buy whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  It's called Little Rulers.  They have clothing and shoes for boys and girls and it all has the skater vibe.  I love it.

Want to take a look at a few fun things I love there?  I always look in the clearance section first when I'm shopping.  So here's some fun finds there.
Board Shorts
Look at this tiny Roxy Swim Skirt!  So stinkin' cute!
I love finding cool tees.
Then there are shoes.  Oh my.  When Rex outgrows his current shoes we might have to consider these.  They also carry baby Vans.  I always drool over those when I see them in stores.

So if your style is similiar to mine and you need some summer clothes for your little ones, you might want to have some fun surfing at Little Rulers.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Love those shoes! I may consider those...

  2. i LOVE little ruler!

  3. i LOVE little ruler!

  4. i LOVE little ruler!

  5. i LOVE little ruler!

  6. I love little rulers! I had planned on buying his entire summer wardrobe from there but because of financial situation I had to settle for other stores lol.
    recently I went to Kmart and they have brand that is very skater vibe! I love it!

  7. You should also check out
    Super cool duds for super cool little kids! Love it.


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